Monday, August 22, 2016

Moving Lessons

So we moved. 
From our small townhome to a 4-bdrm suburban home. 
And I love LOVE LOVE our new home. 
Love the 2-car garage. 
Love the space. 
Love our backyard. 

Didn't love the moving. 
In fact, it was quite traumatic for me. 
But I already elaborated on that here, so let's leave it at that. 

Instead, let's focus on some lesson learning. 
Good/bad things we did. 

Move Day Lessons

Packers are worth every penny 
(and not as pricey as you think!) 

When I mentioned the idea of packers, 
everyone told me it would be a fortune. 
In short: 4 men packed our 1,700-sqft house in 3.5 hours (!!!!!)
 and it was $750. 

Now while I give them an A+ for speed, 
I'd give a C+ / B- for thoroughness. 
Lots of little items left that were kind of like wtf? 
A golf club in the closet. 
A pair of shoes in the bathroom. 
A stack of books in the living room. 
Like uh...? 
But they did a fantastic job of keeping like-things together 
(and nothing broke!) 
that when I'm looking for something, 
I can judge a whole box by the item on top. 

Overnight bags are a must. 

At least 2 nights. 
The packers came Friday. 
Moving truck Saturday. 
I knew we'd need overnight bags from Friday to Saturday 
but decided to pack to Sunday in case we couldn't find anything Saturday. 
And even though we knew where stuff was, 
we were too tired to get to it. 
If anything, I didn't pack enough in the overnight bag. 

I highly recommend staying in a hotel or with family/friends
...particularly if you're packing and moving are two separate days. 

We didn't and I regretted it. 
There was nowhere for us to move to or sit on. 
We sort of camped out on our bed since it was the only thing not packed. 
Aaron kept asking: "What can I do?" 
And the answer was: "Here's an ipad." 

Aaron zoning out to a movie while the world around him gets packed. 

Also staying elsewhere would have helped the food situation. 
Food was inconvenient at best. 
We had full access to the fridge 
but nothing to eat with. 
We had breakfast picnic-style among the boxes. 

Breakfast: panera sandwiches on the floor of the bedroom

Have someone take the toddlers 

This would be a no-brainer for some parents, 
but Aaron is so inquisitive that I thought it would be fun to watch. 
So good that logical people like my mom and SIL stepped in to take him. 
Aaron got a solid nap at my parent's house on moving day 
and then had a blast at with his cousin while we struggled through the move. 

Oliver on the other hand, stayed with me the whole time. 
His bottle strike made it impossible to hand him off, 
and he's pretty chill so for 2-days straight he hung out like this: 

Unpacking lessons:

Everything cannot be immediately perfect, 
so dedicate the most time to the area that affects you most. 

I really wanted to do my whole house perfectly 
but I found myself overwhelmed by boxes 
and just wanted them GONE so stuff got tossed in closets. 
However, I spent a lot of time in one area: my kitchen. 
My kitchen is the one area I wanted right immediately. 
Since I cook everything from scratch (omg, I've become my mother), 
I am constantly in the kitchen for hours (hello SAHM stereotype) 
so I knew it needed to be done right. 

Accept unpacking help from people who think like you. 

My amazing cousin Hannah drove down from NY to help unpack 
and it was a LIFESAVER. 
We spent 8 hours alone in the kitchen. 
It was so nice to have someone to discuss / challenge things like 
"how often do you use this?" 
And if the answer was : "almost never" 
the response was: "do you NEED this?" 

Further, she thought of things that make so much logical sense 
but never occurred to me. 
Like pot holders in a drawer under the stove. 
Or the strainer immediately above the sink. 
Simple logical ideas that every day when I pull something out, 
I think: "I'm so glad Hannah thought to put this here." 

Hide the rest of the boxes. 
I utilized a 
"if I can't see it, it won't bother me" approach 
and it truly works wonders. 
My basement may look like hell, but I don't see it! 

As always, there's more I've already forgotten. 
I'd chalk it up to #mombrain 
but at this point I may just have to accept that I'm getting old. 


  1. Glad to hear the packers proved a worthwhile investment, and even more glad to hear you're enjoying the new place so much already! After making the bathrooms usable, I always unpack the kitchen first, too... but for me, it's because it has the most boxes and feels like I've made the most progress once I've done it, ha! And what do you mean when you say you cook everything from scratch? Just meaning that you cook a lot, or do you make your own bread and all that jazz, too?!

  2. You're forgetting the most important lesson you learned - a metal 9x13 pan is a staple item . . . however I might be lying since I don't have one. Haha. Glad the strainer is working out. I wondered if there was maybe something we hadn't thought of that would reveal that that placement was impractical.

  3. We moved twice in a year - from our first home into an apartment (yes, an apartment with 2 kids) while our 'forever home' was being built and then from the apartment into the forever home. We utilized a lot of the same techniques. My favorite (ha) thing was losing our body soap and my husband's shampoo. It was months before I found the random tub I stuffed them in - our first night in the new house he had to go to the gas station to get shampoo and soap!