Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Moving Stress, Bottle Strike, and Elitism

No surprise, 
the stress continues to mount as we inch closer and closer to Dooms Day Moving Day. 

Is it a mistake to hire packers? 
Will they break stuff? 
Will they lose stuff? 
Should I have just packed it all myself? 

(AnswerStop being a control freak. 
You would have stressed twice as much about packing yourself.) 

Are we moving too soon? 
Should we have waited to move later so we could do more projects in the house first?
(Answer: Maybe, but there will always be more projects

Stress does funny things to one's mindset. 
Sometimes it distracts you from other stressors. 
And sometimes it makes you focus on things you normally wouldn't. 

Example #1: Bottle Strike 

While Oliver's Bottle Strike is still going strong, 
I've basically given up. 
I waived my white flag. 
I've stopped trying to give him a bottle every day 
and just accept that he's attached to me at all times. 
I always did say I supported Attachment Parenting right? 
Haha. Joke's on me. 

Little bottle hater. He'll put anything in his mouth except a bottle. 

Once we are settled in our new house, 
I'll resume the Bottle Battle 
(assuming I can find the bottles in the mass of boxes). 

Example #2: Elitism 

Wait, wtf does this have to do with moving? 
But it's something I've suddenly become very annoyed at this week. 
Elitism can manifest itself regarding wealth, 
body type, 
and really any single element that implies one is better than the other because of [x].

As does any form of negativity, elitism comments pop up every now and then, 
but I rarely give them a second thought. 
 I think the best defense is a good self esteem. 
And although I'm not as thin as I'd like or rich as I want, I'm very happy with my life. 

Suddenly a few elitist comments are getting on my nerves. 
Even things people have said in the past are suddenly popping back up in my mind. 
Is it perhaps a reflection of my new SAHM Posirion that's made me more self conscious?
 Or perhaps it's stress causing me to worry about things that really don't matter at all. 
I don't know the answer. 
But it's making me cranky. 

Can the stress of moving simulate PMS? 


  1. To answer your last question, YES. When I'm extra stressed, all of the little annoyances in life are magnified and suddenly I am in a pit of despair where I despise everything and everyone. Exhibit A: the bathroom remodel we just went through. Brian really enjoys this about me, no doubt :)

  2. Bottle strikes!!!! Drew wouldn't take a bottle for months and I was stressing about it - like girlfriend, Mommy WILL go back to work, and I'd like it if you didn't die while you were at daycare! It took us about 3 months to get her to take one and she never really enjoyed it, but she would take it. Even when she was drinking the most milk possible, she would still only drink maybe (MAYBE) 6 ounces at daycare, but she would nurse like a fool when I picked her up. It was like she conceded 'okay, I won't let myself starve, but that's all I will do with these bottles.' Now at 3.5 she loves to use bottles for water just for play. Makes me so mad! Moving is so awful - I wish you all the best!