Monday, September 26, 2016

Back in the habit

My mom was a SAHM and whenever we got back from vacation 
she would complain that it took so long to get back into a routine. 

I always thought this was a silly complaint. 

However, as I have now embarked on my SAHM journey, I get it. 
Working FORCES you to get back into your routine. 
Yeah the first day back in the office is always rough. 
Especially with like 802 unread emails. 
 But by day two or three you are usually caught up and back into the groove. 

Back when Adam and I worked at Deloitte and had 25 PTO days 
(25!!!! And I had no appreciation for how glorious that was!!!), 
we - along with like everyone else in the company - 
would take off the last 2-3 weeks of December. 
I called it "winter break" because it felt like that glorious time in college 
where you go home, catch up on laundry, and sleep for dayyyyyyyssss. 
(Because you know, college is so hard.  
All that drinking takes its toll on you.

Blast from the past: clearly not winter break because I was in tank top, 
but this was basically what we did on breaks. 
Drink and take drunk selfies. 
Also I just realized I still own that shirt.

At Deloitte, I always had a laundry list of things to tackle. 
Great projects that I had to accomplish. 
Since clearly I didn't have time to accomplish this during my childless Saturdays hanging out on the couch (snort). 
But as winter break trudged on I became less and less productive. 
I would sleep away the day, eat like crap, and never workout. 
 To the point where I looked forward to the return to work because it forced me wake up at a civilized time, go to the gym, and eat my pre-packed meals. 

Back to the present. 
Although we had a glorious time at the lake and the beach doing things like this: 
I've let vacation mode run on farrrr too long. 
I type this as I'm eating cold pizza. 
Like, seriously. 
Things I need to start doing: 
1. Buying fresh vegetables for daily salads so I stop munching on crap. 

2. Get my @ss up and out of bed at a good time 
to go for a run or finally get back to yoga again 
(haven't done since pre-move). 
I have no excuse because Oliver is finally sleeping 7+ hour stretches at night 
(cue hallelujah chorus
so the only obstacle to a good night's sleep is me going to bed at a good time. 
Which brings me to... 
3. Go to bed by 10
Like IN THE BED by 10. 
Not start to walk upstairs from the couch at 10. 
4. Start reading again
I am in a BAD book rut. 
As in, have only read one good book in the last 3 months.
I've been thinking about restarting the Harry Potter series. 
I read it back as a tweenager but stopped halfway through the series. 
I think it would be a great way for me to get back into reading.

5. Make time to blog
I like blogging about our uninteresting little life 
and I always have 1,000,001 ideas running around my head that I want to write down. 

So how do I kickstart these things? 
I really just need to start one. 
I learned from The Power of Habit that self-discipline is a muscle like all others, it needs to be strengthened, so once you start self-discipline in one area, the others tend to follow. 
Like how people who start exercising often start eating better. 
It's that self-discipline kicking in. 

So my goal this week is to get up early TWICE and go for a run. 
Got it, Self? 
Got it. 

Now excuse me while I go get another slice of cold pizza from the fridge. 


  1. Okay my main takeaway from this post is that you have cold pizza and I don't. Wahhhh :(

    Yay for Oliver sleeping 7+ hours a night!!!

    And, I too have 1,000,001 ideas running around in my head for blog posts and have fallen completely off the blogging wagon so my goal for this week is to write TWO blog posts. Yikes. That will twice as many as I've written this past month so let's see how that goes.

    Thanks for being an encouragement, and for making me crave cold pizza!

  2. Best of luck getting back in your groove! I will periodically e-mail you to harass you, er, I mean, hold you accountable if you want? :)

    Also, here's something fun to think about: I've been at my company for NINE YEARS and I still only get 3 weeks (15 days) of vacation. Boo.

  3. I need to tell you about some changes at Deloitte - I now get 30 days of vacation and 22 weeks of maternity leave BEFORE USING MY PTO. Boom, Deloitte! :) Um, how could you STOP Harry Potter? I have read the whole series multiple times! It is so good and will definitely get you out of a reading funk! Good luck getting your groove back! I wish I had some words of encouragement, but yeah, I don't do anything on your list with regularity either!