Thursday, September 22, 2016

Get Dirty

Here I am again talking about another article I read on the internet. 
Yes, yes, I see your eye roll.
But that won't stop me!

Wall Street Journal published this article on

Aaron at 17 months old playing in the ditch at the lake

Quick talking points:

1. The bacteria we've spent billions trying to eliminate are actually needed to keep us healthy, and in fact, eliminating them may be part of the spike in diabetes, asthma, allergies, etc.

2. We are too quick to say "Ew, don't touch that bug!  It's dirty!"
but that "dirty bug" is actually helping their immune system.

3. Antibiotics are widely overused in our society.

On one hand, I think we're failing
and on the other hand, doing pretty well.

Aaron had 7 ear infections in a year before we got ear tubes.
In one of those cases, he was overprescribed antibiotics by a weekend clinic,
and had to go on separate antibiotics afterwards.

Just from ear infections alone, Aaron had a huge overexposure to antibiotics.
I kept procrastinating on the ear tubes because I was so nervous about the surgery,
but looking back I should have done something wayyyy earlier.

On the other hand, I am not one of those Germophobe-Moms. 
I do not carry hand-sanitizer, not because I'm a crunchy hippie (I am),
but because I don't like the texture of hand-sanitizer. 
In fact, I HATE the feel of hand sanitizer.
I'll wash my hands with soap and water 100 times a day,
but I will avoid that little squeeze bottle like its liquid ebola.

And as it turns out, my hatred of hand sanitizer is a good thing!

Additionally, in my quest for crunchyhood,
I switched from standard-issue soap to Method. 
Why Method?

1) Target carries it
(yes, this is a requirement. I'm not buying special soaps on Amazon)

2) They have foaming soap (I love foam!)

3) It's not antibacterial and as we learned recently,
the FDA is now banning several ingredients in antibacterial soap.

  Now I just need to learn to be ok with dirtiness.
Like bugs.
And Aaron stepped in deer poop the other day.
Gross gross gross.
The woman in the article implies that her kid was in pig poop without issue,
but trust me I still gave Aaron a bath that night.


  1. I don't like the feel of hand sanitizer either!!! I still carry it, though. I'm not a germaphobe either, though I generally don't like messes, so that prevents me from letting the kids do some "messy" activities. I don't worry that they will pick up weird diseases by playing in the mud so much as I don't want to clean up the aftermath, ha!

    But yes, agreed that it's important to not overdo it on sanitizing your kid's life!

  2. I agree with this article, we need to stop being germaphobes! I generally don't like hand sanitizer but will use it at work. I'm a teacher so I'm around a lot of germs and grubby hands/computers. I also don't like the infant cart covers. I figure a little dirt won't hurt if they sit in the cart. My problem with Method is that have fragrance in their products. We use Dr. Bronner's lavendar concentrate for hand soap and some cleaning in our house. I love it! I just bought foaming dispensers on amazon that have the proportion lines on the bottle. Super simple and a bottle of Dr. Bronners lasts well over a year for us.

    1. Very true on the fragrances. I usually shy away from that but I didn't think about that for method. I heard Dr Bronners is great. What are these foaming dispensers with lines on Amazon?!?!

  3. I am very anti-antibiotics. Drew has had 2 ear infections that we did not treat with antibiotics and sure enough, they healed on their own. And I love that anti-bacterial is now banned, ha. I am a big Young Living user and buy their soaps and hand sprays because they're not full of chemicals, no fragrances (but smell amazing because of the oils), and are naturally killing the yucky stuff. We use Dr. Bronners a lot too - it is so great!

  4. Just shove your hand in that deep hole in that decomposing tree in your backyard. That's enough to get you over dirtiness.