Monday, September 12, 2016

The Good, The Bad, and a Blast from the Past

Hey there. 
It's me again. 
Doing yet another sweeping update on life. 
I know how much you've missed this (snort). 

The Good

Love being SAHM

Amanda wrote this great post on Working Mom Fantasies
and I really can agree with the vast majority of it!
I have not once thought: "I wish I was working." 
The honeymoon still has plenty of time to wear off. 
But in the meantime I'm riding the happy train. 


The last of the boxes is unpacked. 
Deliveries keep flying it (our new grill came today). 
I feel very "settled" and I love it. 
Of course there's more painting 
and more renovation projects on the horizon. 
(Any suggestions on entry hall floor tiles are welcome. 
We currently have mid-century aged slate that is not salvageable). 

Old House for Sale 

Our townhome posted for sale on Tuesday. 
We've had a LOT of interest in the property, 
which of course means we already have our hopes up wayyy higher than they should be. 
I'm sure there will be some disappointment and depression to follow. 
I know, my optimism just blows you away. 

10 day vacation at lake

As well as moving in is going, 
it was great to get away. 
10 days at the lake house, 
catching fish, 
And most importantly, having a set of grandparents help co-parent. 

Beach soon

And shortly we'll leave for the beach 
for our annual Friends Vacation. 
5 adults. 
4 kids 4 and under. 
And a puppy. 
In a townhome off the beach. 
Cannot wait!

The Bad


I had a very mild form of postpartum anxiety with Aaron, 
but it's much worse this time. 
I wake up in the middle of the night in a panic that someone is going to break in and steal/hurt my children. 
And some nights I can't go back to sleep at all
Good news is that at least I don't have to work (read: use my brain
when I wake up at 1:30am and never go back to sleep. 

It's not every night, only like once a week or so

Adam wants me to see a doctor, 
but if we're being really honest
I feel like I can tackle on my own. 
I'm eating healthy and exercising. 
I've cut back on my alcohol. 
I'm starting up yoga again after the beach. 
We are also getting a home security system installed. 

Will this fix it? 
Maybe. Maybe not. 
I probably do need to put in a call to my doctor. 
And nights like Wednesday when I'm up at 3am, I tell myself I will. 
Then daytime comes and I feel very very very silly. 

Blast from the past

Kate Baer linked to this article about the "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" book that was all the rage in evangelical communities in the 90s. 
I remember this sooooo well. 
It was the focal point of youth group for weeks! 
Everyone was getting purity rings 
and signing purity cards. 
Ironically, many of those people now have multiple kids with multiple fathers. 
(Not judging, just observing.) 

It was THE THING in the cliche white suburban evangelical scene. 
And I hated every little bit of it. 
I liked my dating life very much. 
I had been boy crazy for so long and 
now that I finally had the chance to date, 
there was no way in hell I was letting that go for some fancy pants book. 
(And in retrospect, I also don't regret my decisions at all. 
I learned a lot from dating!)

Anyway, to see it pop up again is really interesting. 
I wish more popular authors would come back around later on, 
to talk about the lessons learned! 


  1. Glad to hear you aren't regretting your decision and that you are feeling settled in the new house! That is tough about the anxiety - funny that you mention it because although I haven't been dealing with the same type of anxiety, I have been in some type of a funk for a little while and just recently decided to go talk to a counselor. Verdict is still out on how much it is helping, but it's free through my company's employee assistance program, so I'm going to keep it up for at least 4 more visits :) Hope you can find a way to sort through yours (however that looks!) soon!

  2. I had post-partum anxiety after both kids and after Drew I used natural supplements. You might be able to go that route since it sounds like yours isn't terrible? Let me know if you're interested, and I can tell you what I took and did!