Thursday, October 13, 2016

Our New Routine

As a curious individual, 
(because "curious" sounds better than "nosy" or "stalker"), 
I love reading about people's routines. 
Additionally, I like looking back at my own routines to see how they have changed. 
So here is my attempt to document my 

SAHM Routine with a 6-mo and 3-yo

Unlike the Working Mom routine
this routine varies WILDLY day-to-day. 
So this is quite long as I try to generalize our happenings. 



Aaron bounds into our bed when his clock turns green
Around this same time, Adam brings in Oliver from his nursery and I nurse him in bed. 

Generally, Adam is in charge of getting Aaron dressed, 
Oliver's diaper changed, and Aaron's breakfast. 
After breakfast, Aaron gets one Daniel Tiger or Thomas the Train episode. 

If I'm going to run, this is when I do it. 
I have two running loops (3-miles and 3.5-miles) 
which takes me about 35-50 minutes depending on how I'm feeling. 
If Adam has to leave early, I'll shower while Aaron is watching TV 
and take Oliver up with me to bounce in the bathroom doorway in his jumper. 

If Adam doesn't have to leave early or if I don't run, 
I'll shower and leisurely get ready in peace. 

Showering is an absolute TOP priority for me. 
Followed closely by makeup application. 

When I meet other moms (or read about them) who don't have time to shower, 
I'm just flabbergasted. 
Shower and makeup make me feel human. 

A friend of mine on maternity leave said: 
"I can't wait to go back to work and have a reason to shower and put on makeup." 

I decided long ago that my reason to shower and makeup is pure LIVING. 
If I am alive, there will be shower and makeup. 

8:00-12:00 MWF

MWF Aaron has preschool in the mornings. 
This is when I run most of my errands/shopping (with just Oliver - so easy!). 
I also will meet girlfriends (the ones with just babies) to hang out. 
And then every Friday I walk with my MIL who is watching our niece a few neighborhoods away. 

8:00-12:00 Tues/Thurs 

The non-preschool mornings, I always try to plan fun activities for Aaron. 
I am always amazed at how many activities there are for SAHM moms/kids. 
I'd like to put together a post of my findings, 
but it seems pretty silly because activities are so location-based.  

I try to only commit to one paid activity a week. 
So for example, we may do the Trampoline Park or Indoor Play Area on Tuesday, 
and then do library storytime or public play areas on Thursday. 

This is also the time I get together with girlfriends who have toddlers. 

 Smith Playhouse in Philadelphia (FREE) 

The Little Pod in North Wales - $10


Preschool pickup or Lunch time. 



Oliver naps in his swing for about 1.5-2 hours. 

Aaron does not nap, but he spends time playing in his room 
(and we call it "naptime" anyway). 
Maybe about once a month, he'll actually fall asleep, but it's very rare. 

(as I was typing this, I snuck up and took of picture of him in his room.  This is the scene every single day)

I try to do 15-30 minutes of house pickup, 
and then dedicate the rest of the time to cooking dinner 
and/or computer-related things such as catching up our finances, long emails, online shopping, or blogging. 


This is by far the hardest time of the day. 
I call it "The Great Void." 
The empty void between nap and dinner. 

Thanks to the steller traffic in the Philadelphia area, 
we are extremely limited on how far we can stray from the house. 
So we try to fill this time with local park visits, library visits, 
or a super-quick visit to our local tiny zoo

If the weather is super crappy, 
this is usually when I suggest coloring together. 

And, let's be honest. 
By Friday I just pop in a movie because I'm done. 



Often followed by a walk around the neighborhood. 

Shower for Aaron. 
Bath for Oliver. 

Books for both 
(Aaron picks out the books; 
Oliver tries to eat the books). 

Aaron goes to bed first, 
then I get ready for bed 
(make-up off, wash face, change clothes, etc), 
and then spend 20 minutes nursing Oliver for bed. 
Oliver still falls asleep nursing which I love and hope he never stops. 



Maybe even ME + ADAM TIME if he escapes Big Law Firm World

First I'll do another quick house pickup and prep for tomorrow's outings. 
If there was anything urgent that didn't get done over nap, I'll do that now. 

Mostly I try to use this time to relax. 
I have fallen into the "This Is Us" addiction, 
which is the first TV show I have watched withOUT Adam since... 
um, before we were married? 
Seriously, that's how little TV I watch. 

I also use this time to read. 
And ever since I bought Adam a kindle for his birthday, 
now he reads with me, too! 


And that's it. 
That's my routine right now. 


  1. I am such a nerd and love posts like this. I 100% agree about 'The Great Void' - that afternoon chunk of time is tough. My mom stayed home for about 3 years after my sister was born (she went back to teaching when I was about 1), and she has commented on hating that time of day even way back when! My dad was a football coach so totally different job than the law firm world but similar hours, ha!

  2. I love reading about other people's routines, too! This sounds exactly like our days... except not :( Also, does Aaron's post-bedtime include 800 requests to get water/go potty/have some other crisis solved, or am I alone in that torment?