Thursday, October 20, 2016

SAHM vs Working Mom: Sick Days

IMO, there's one area where Working Mom wins hands down.  

Sick days. 

It started Monday with a sore throat, 
followed by mass congestion and a waterfall of snot. 
Last night I took NyQuil and while I slept 10 wonderful hours, 
today I woke up feeling like I got hit by a dump truck. 
At first I thought the crappy feeling was a NyQuil hangover. 
But as the day wears on, 
I know it isn't. 
I'm just damn sick. 
Are you on snapchat? 
I'm theColeBin and my snaps are never interesting    

So let's pull up a comparison here. 

Working Mom sick day: 
Assuming you can actually not work that day 
(I once worked year-end close with a 102 fever)...
you can ship the kids off to whatever daycare or sitter they normally attend, 
and then lie on the couch in peace and silence, 
occasionally answering an email or IM as needed by work.

And by the end of the day, 
when the kids come home, 
you may or may not feel better, 
but at least you had 8 hours of peace. 

Now, let's talk SAHM. 

I originally had planned to take Aaron to an indoor play area, 
but I bribed him with: "Would you like to watch a movie instead?" 
And since movies/TV are so rare in our house, 
he jumped at the chance. 

He's watching Lion King now. 
In total peace and quiet. 

Great, one kid down
Not onto this one... 

About a 5 minutes attention span for a movie 
(Screw the American Pediatric Society that says kids under 2 should have no screen time)

So uh... what now? 

Fortunately he entertains well enough. 
And also takes nice long naps (hallelujah). 

Now I just need to get through the rest of today... 
Let's see, how many movies do we own? 
Oh hello, Neflix, looks like we'll be utilizing your entire Kids section today... 

Anyone want to ship me some chicken soup? 
Kelsey posted about this amazing whole30 chicken soup this morning. 
I don't care about whole30 but it looks delicious 
and I'd love for someone to come over and make it for me!       


  1. Boo, I have not yet had to take care of the twins while sick and it really does sound miserable... I totally would plop them in front of movies for the whole day and feel no shame! Hope you feel better soon and the boys go easy on you in the meantime!

  2. Nailed it! I definitely feel really bad for SAHMs when they're sick!!