Monday, October 17, 2016

WIDN: Fall 2016 Edition

First up, an important bit of news if you don't follow me on facebook, 
It was on the market for THREE days before we signed paperwork, 
and 30 days later (last week) held settlement. 
I was a little sad to see it go, 
but mostly relieved it's not hanging over our heads. 

The gratutitous before-and-after. 
Engaged Emily buying the townhome in Nov 2010. 
Oct 2016: leaving the townhome married with 2 kids. 

Anyway, back to the main post... 
Another edition of WIDN. 

Baby food. 
Oliver turns 6 months today so... 
I wrote a freakin' novel documenting my process with Aaron, 
which is quite helpful since I remember zero. 
We tried avocado this weekend and Oliver was having none of it. 
To be fair, I don't like avocado, 
and therefore he hasn't had any taste of this green mush either in utereo or in breastmilk. 
Tomorrow we start sweet potatoes, 
so hopefully that has more success! 

I'm normally a wine girl, 
but this season of fall is meant for beer. 
Something about the start of football just begs for a beer. 
So I've been buying a few of my favorites, 
like ShockTop, Harpoon's UFO, and Sly Fox's Helles. 

The Harry Potter series. 
Just finished Chamber of Secrets (#2) 
and picking up Goblet of Fire (#3) tomorrow. 
I'm loving it. 
I remember about 60% of the plot, 
mainly "this is how it ends" but I forget how they arrive at the ending. 
Still makes a great read. 
I can't remember if it's book #3 or book #4 I hated as a tweenager, 
but I am determined to power through this time. 

Don't laugh. 
But I'm dying to start Christmas shopping. 
I love it. 
I love the mass online ordering. 
I love watching boxes pour in. 
I love decide what wrapping paper fits the person. 
(yes, I am THAT crazy)
Do they make Professional Gift Shopper as a job? 
Sign me up!

This Is Us. 
And it's soooooooooooo good. 
I missed the bandwagon on Parenthood, 
and later regretted it. 
So when the blog world started going crazy about this show, 
I was not to be left out. 
I cry and laugh every episode. 
Adam won't even be in the same room as me if I'm watching it. 

Listening To
Classic rock is all the rage for me right now. 
Guns N' Roses. 
Just lovin' the old school feeling. 

Bagel, cream cheese, & lox. 
Ever since Yom Kippur, 
I have been craving lox like crazy. 
And it took me a bit to figure out that lox is actually slightly different than plain smoked salmon. 
But not to fear, Wegmans has me covered! 

One of the many things we love about our new house is the back patio. 
Adam and I have been loving quiet nights out back with a fire. 
It was tough in the summer with all the mosquitos, 
but as it gets cooler, 
it's been WONDERFUL. 

I could find a way to like raw vegetables. 
In an ironic twist, my 3-year-old loves raw vegetables. 
Celery, bell peppers, broccoli... even raw onion! 
Unless it's a crudites tray with a big fat glob of dip, I'll pass thanks. 
I prefer my vegetables cooked, 
which while still healthy, 
isn't quite as healthy as raw. 
I've tried some make-at-home greek-yogurt base dips, 
which all taste like crap. 
I'm wondering if I just cave and buy the storebought dip, 
if that'll entice me to eat more raw. 
Or does the over-processed dip negate the health benefits of raw? 

Too cliche, but yes, I'm thoroughly enjoying the return of fall. 
It's as though Mother Nature actually looked at a calendar for once. 
The air is crisp. 
The mornings are chilly (perfect running weather!). 
The afternoons are warm (perfect playground weather!). 
I don't do pumpkin spice lattes 
(ok ok, I do put pumpkin spice in my chai latte), 
but I do a lot of other basic white girl fall shit
Like football and bonfires (see above). 

For the first time EVER, we used my Mommy Cheryl's china. 
We hosted a thank-you dinner to both our parents for all their help in moving us, 
and decided that since we finally had a formal dining room 
(a feature lacking in our little townhome) 
we should celebrate with china. 
I love my Mommy Cheryl's china so much 
and it is such a pleasure to finally use it. 

To go to bed earlier. 
Remember how I posted about my back-in-the-habit goals
Well I'm blogging more, 
reading more, 
eating better (not great, just better), 
and have run twice a week (not great either, but marginal improvement). 
But I still haven't gone to bed earlier. 
Lots of excuses on my part, 
but the worst is Adam working late. 
I just don't like to go to bed if he's not home. 
Unfortunately I have no control over his work schedule, 
so I just need to suck it up and go to bed without him. 

These boots
Yes they are Target brand. 
I just love a boot with straps, 
and have totally jumped on the ankle boot bandwagon. 
I've been admiring these boots for a few months, 
and when I saw them 20% off (plus 5% redcard), 
I snatched them up. 
They are COMFY and AMAZING. 
Not quite chase-children-at-the-park material, 
but definitely the run-out-for-errands material. 

A lot of bra-buying tips. 
Both the Mom Edit and Cupcakes & Cashmere posted about bras recently (here and here). 
The laughable part is that I have a solid year or so until I see a regular bra again. 
As long as I'm nursing,
 I'm firmly planted in the Old Faithful Bravado Silk Seamless
But at least I'll be prepared for when I return to the world of Normal Bras!


  1. What a relief that the townhome sold so quickly- hooray for y'all! I'm also a big fan of "This is Us" so far and hope that it continues to live up to the hype. I'm not even going to comment on your Fall weather since we cannot stop sweating down here in Hades, er, I mean, Texas. And I have yet to hop on the ankle boots train (the "booties" term makes me want to vomit, as a side note), but I think I'm going to have to give in.

  2. I have to nerd you about Harry Potter - Goblet of Fire is book #4 and Prisoner of Azkaban is #3 - so which one are you reading? Ha. My least favorite was Order of the Phoenix (#5) - it was just very dark. But 6 and 7 knock it out of the park. I am going to read your book on Aaron's baby food - we did baby-led weaning with Drew, and that was the BEST thing ever. I dislike most veggies but the ones I eat are more often raw - but I am choking them down ha. And I wear the Bravado tanks - I have a huge collection of colored ones (most given from my sis, ya). And 'fall' - I am not sure of what that word means? I am wearing a sleeveless, knee length maternity dress today - SO HOT!