Tuesday, November 29, 2016

High Maintenance

I was having a conversation 
about someone's ex-girlfriend who I'd never met. 
For the sake of not naming names, 
we'll call this person Elizabeth. 
(It's my favorite girls name although I'd never use it on a child.)
Elizabeth: "You think you are high maintenance, she was much more high maintenance." 
Me: "I didn't think I was high maintenance." 
Elizabeth: "Well you are much more high maintenance than I am." 

Before I could say anything, 
our conversation was interrupted. 
Later, I thought of bringing it up again, 
asking how Elizabeth thought I was so high maintenance, 
but if there's one thing I'm trying to be better about, 
is just letting shit go
(Not that I'm great at it, but hey, I'm at least making an effort.) 

So I never brought it up again. 

The funny thing is that I consider this Elizabeth to be a very high maintenance individual. 
Yes, she's a fun person - always the life of the party. 
But she's also prone to holding really bad grudges for really stupid shit
And then she'll tell EVERYONE that she's mad at the person, 
meanwhile the actual perpetrator rarely has any idea. 
So you have to tread lightly around Elizabeth, 
or else you'll wind up in the doghouse for months. 
Either until you apologize (that is, if you can figure out what you did) 
or someone else convinces her to get over it. 

And that's why I consider Elizabeth to be high maintenance. 
Clearly, Elizabeth does not share my view. 

So it got me thinking, 
what do YOU consider to be high maintenance? 


When I think of high maintenance, 
I think of someone who is needy
Someone who can't do anything for themselves. 

Which is why I consider myself NOT high maintenance, 
because I am incredibly independent. 
And generally prefer to do it myself anyway because #controlfreak. 
(Except when it comes to killing spiders... EEEK


I think of high maintenance as someone who is obsessed with stuff
Someone who HAS TO have the nicest, most expensive things. 
Someone who wants to be showered with gifts. 

I'm not saying I don't like nice things, 
but you don't see me demanding expensive shit. 
I know our finances and I know what we can afford. 
And I'm very prepared for the day that Adam may quit Big Law Firm, 
and may take a paycut going to In-house Legal. 
That's fine by me as long as he stops 3am nights!

Tread Lightly! 

As with Elizabeth above, 
I think of high maintenance people as those so emotionally unstable, 
that you  have to tread lightly around them for fear of upsetting them. 

Me? I'm not afraid of controversial topics or confrontations. 
And I hope no one is afraid of having them with me. 
I won't hold a grudge. 

So what do you think? 
When you think high maintenance, what do you envision? 
What kind of attributes do you associate with a high maintenance person? 

Also did you know there is an HBO show called "High Maintenance"? 
It has to do with a pot dealer. 


  1. Not sure if you're a "Dawson's Creek" fan, but Pacey once said that "high maintenance is another way of saying high quality," so you should take what your friend said as a compliment ;) Ha! When I think of high maintenance, I think of someone that is impossible to be pleased and can find something wrong with anything and everything. The example I think of is how someone behaves at a restaurant- do they always have 800 caveats when placing their order and then do they always find an issue with their food when it's brought out? I have a friend that's this way and pretty much every time I see her, she tells me some story about how she was wronged by customer service... a restaurant, the nail salon, her office, etc. She is what I think of when I think of high maintenance!

  2. I think of needy (agree with your description), materialistic (agree with your description), and extra superficial. Like takes forever to get ready, has to look perfect for everything - like you picture the significant other looking at their watch and rolling their eyes, ha. My best friend is high maintenance but not in a bad way. She's very dependent on her husband, but she comes from a very bad broken home, so I think his support/validation is extremely important. She's also really into material things because growing up she didn't have anything, and she works super hard to be able to have the expensive stuff she wants. And she cares so much about her appearance but luckily with me, she's happy in sweats and no makeup because she knows I'd never judge her, ha. She has a heart of gold, so her high maintenance (in my opinion) is manageable. 'Elizabeth' doesn't sound like a nice person!