Friday, November 11, 2016

Moving on to recent life

I've had a string of passionate controversial posts these past two weeks, 
 and I think it's time to move on 
and get back to what really matters: 
complaining about my children and drinking wine 
(jk... sorta). 

I would like to thank those of you who commented, 
as every comment was reasonable, well-thought out,
 and very helpful in guiding me through my freak-outs. 
Well, of course there was one "wtf?!?!" anonymous comment 
(those kind of comments are always anonymous, after all), 
but one stray seagull doesn't phase me. 
(In case you are wondering, a "seagull" is a random person or group of persons who swoop in and shit all over the place.) 

Let me get back to some of the important aspects of life. 
Like food...

The most delicious easy muffins ever. 

2. Oliver has decided to not nap for more than 45 minutes. 
Let me say that again... 
It used to be that I could put him in the swing 
and he'd nap for 1.5-2 hours and
 I'd become the most productive person on the face of the planet. 
But now... 45 minutes. 
I can't do JACK in 45 minutes 
(except, of course, make Amanda's muffins, lol) 

I really need to just crib-train him already. 
He sleeps in his crib for 8-10 hours a night so really, 
it shouldn't be that bad. 
I tried crib naps last month, 
but he only did 45 minutes so I abandoned it. 
But if he's only doing 45 minutes in the swing... 
about time huh? 

3. Oliver is getting addicted to his pacifier 
and I am 25% terrified and 75% HALLELUJAH 
because having a child with a plug is a magical thing. 
Aaron never took a pacifier so I have zero experience on pacifier weaning. 
I swear I won't be the mom who has a 3-year-old with a pacifier, 
but I've also sworn other things before and HAHAHAHA. 
Like: "I swear I will never use the TV to babysit my child." 

4. On a totally different note, 
I'm running more and eating healthier again 
(something I resolved to do back in September
and finally getting to it now), 
and I can see the improvement in my mood. 
I have more energy and generally feel better about life 
(which you would have NO IDEA based on these last two weeks' of posting, 
so just imagine how much worse they would have been if I wasn't eating healthy and exercising!) 

5. Probably related to the above, 
my anxiety is getting better. 
Adam has ceased his 
stint of INSANE hours 
(like 3am insane) 
which means I'm not lying awake at 2am convinced someone is going to break into our house. 
Additionally, we got a security system which definitely doesn't fix it, 
but certainly helps it. 

And that's about it for now. 
We'll call that my "Five on Friday" 
as though I designed it that way 
(I didn't). 


  1. I think it's good to throw out the controversial content every now and then! Keeps things interesting and builds character... also gives the rest of us some insight into who you are and how you think! With that said, I'm totally down with the surface-level mom blog stuff, too :) So glad the muffins were a hit for you! And since they have pumpkin in them, they totally count as healthy in my book ;) Here's to hoping Oliver gets with the napping program quickly!

  2. Obviously I don't have any experience with weaning kids from pacifiers, but Alyssa and I were both thumb suckers and joke about about how it was the hardest habit to break - worse than cigarettes. Haha The freaking thing is attached to you!! So if the pacifier comes out but the thumb goes in, RETREAT!!!

  3. Several comments:
    1) The dreaded 45 minute nap. Drew did that and I read a ton about it, and it's because that is the length of their sleep cycles. So when they don't have the ability to stir and fall back asleep, they're up. So the swing helped Drew a lot for a while as well and then, yup, we had to crib train for naps!
    2) The pacifier. If I knew then what I know now, I would still let Trent have a pacifier if he wanted it. Now he's a slightly different case with his MTHFR mutation (not sure if you've read anything older on my blog about this), but he had really bad anxiety, and we didn't know it, and the pacifier is what held him together. When we took it away, all hell broke loose. My sister has taken a really natural approach to getting rid of the pacifier (after seeing what we went through with Trent). At a certain age, the paci stayed in the bed. If you wanted/needed your paci, you went into your bed. It didn't leave the bed PERIOD. Being a SAHM this was great since they were home a lot. If one of her boys was upset (her daughter refused the paci, same as mine, ha), they could go get in bed and suck for a few minutes. Her oldest was using it maybe 5 minutes a day from 4-5 and at 5 dropped it completely. No one knew past probably 3.5 that he even still ever used it. I cringe when I see people cut their kids off at 2 or something - just because our experience was so bad!