Monday, November 7, 2016

Opening Presents: a follow-up

A little follow-up / response to my post on 
opening presents before or after the party.

First of all, I think this was the most controversial post I've ever had. 
Particularly when measuring my passionate feelings 
versus the passionate disagreements. 
This is particularly funny given the subject matter: 
We're not talking about the election here, just presents. 

Anyway, as I suspected, I am most definitely in the minority 
in that I'm the only one who likes to watch presents being opened. 
To everyone else, it's just plain boring
Natasha brought up an excellent correlation that I had not thought of, 
but was certainly a lightbulb moment for me. 
In weddings, the tradition is to do pictures post-ceremony, 
but when the ceremony & reception are back-to-back or at the same site, 
doing so means the bridal party misses out on the fun 
and instead is bored out of their mind.  
I relate very much to this and was the main reason we did pictures beforehand. 

So where do we go from here? 

Two parts to this: 
1) decision on birthday parties going forward and 
2) the fact that I still  very much so want to see others open the gifts I gave. 

First part: future parties we host

I think I will structure the party so that the actual time of the party is spent eating & playing, but gifts are opened immediately after in the event people want to stay 
(and I know grandparents will at the very least). 

For example...
Aaron turns 4 in March and I very much so want to copy Meredith's pizza & PJs party
I'm thinking party 4:30-6:30, 
then at 6:30 thank everyone for coming 
but let them know we are going to open presents if anyone wants to linger. 

Now, of course, this could result in the same situation as Sloane
where Aaron is DYING to have people leave so he can open gifts. 
But... well, we'll deal with that if/when it happens. 

Thoughts on this? 

Second part: I still want to see gifts opened. 

While I'm much less passionate about seeing every gift opened, 
it's really important to me to see the gift recipient open his/her gift. 
I spent time, money, and effort selecting and procuring the gift, 
so I really want to see what the recipient thinks of it (good or bad). 

The first idea I had was to just bring the gift the next time we get together. 
Generally the stack of gifts is high enough that my gift would not be missed, 
and bringing the gift to the next visit means it spreads out the joy of gift-getting. 

The second idea suggested by Amanda, 
is to just ask the host if they could open my own gift before I leave. 
Since everyone's objections to the gift-opening process is the boredom aspect, 
opening one gift eliminates other guests from having to sit around and watch, 
but still gives me the ability to see my gift being opened. 
The downside could be that the child then wants to open all the gifts, 
so anticipating that, 
I would make the request at the very end of the party, 
so the child can get to the good stuff shortly thereafter. 

Thoughts on this? 


Now moving onto much more controversial topics... 

No no no, don't worry, I won't talk issues or candidates. 
I just want to encourage everyone to go vote tomorrow 
(if tomorrow is your day). 

Personally, I don't like either of the two major candidates at all. 
The thought of enduring either one for four years is... UGH. 
(I never realized how much I was going to miss Obama until now. UGH) 

Normally I would encourage someone like myself to vote third party, 
but since Pennsylvania is a somewhat-swing state, 
and there is one candidate I want to win LESS than the other candidate 
(please note the "less" versus a "more"), 
I am going to pick my poison. 
Whatever you decide, 


  1. Ha I love that it even got the "controversial topic" label!! I still think you are fine doing presents at the party if you really enjoy it- just make sure the guests know they don't have to sit and watch unless they want to! But I think all of your ideas listed above will work as well.

  2. I think the fact that you picked the "lightweight" controversial topic of presents as opposed to the "heavyweight" option of the election meant that it was easier for people to have an opinion! Or maybe we should just all focus on presents because that is what REALLY MATTERS! Ha ha ha!!!

    And trust me, if Canadians could vote in the American election, you can bet that we would. In droves.

  3. I forgot to respond to your email, but I think your compromises are perfect! :) I voted last week (Texas has a 2 week 'early voting' window), and it was so painful to select the candidate I voted for. I probably could have voted 3rd party and my conscience would feel a lot better given Texas is a red state, my vote PROBABLY wouldn't make a difference, but I also would have felt really crummy if the candidate I liked less (again like you no 'more' here) won my state. I'll just be glad when it's all over so we know what brand of poison we're all getting is!