Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Remember these?

In the early early EARLY days of email, 
we tween girls would send each other pointless "surveys" about ourselves. 
They were anyhwere from 10 to 100 questions, 
and every answer was important because it reflected "you" (lol). 

One of my facebook friends posted a mini version of this, 
and it made me smile, 
remembering those days in junior high school, 
hacking away at an email on the computer. 

 (Many a times, the email was written OFFLINE to not tie up the phone lines, 
since this was back in the day of DIAL UP. 
Just let that settle in...

Three names I've gone by

1. Emily 

2. Loomis (maiden name - used mostly by gym teachers 
and, ironically, boys I had crushes on who didn't like me back)

3. Chatterbox - bestowed upon toddler-aged me by an uncle

I'm second from the right. Those bright red cheeks

Three places I've lived: 

1. Syracuse, NY (age 0-8) 

2. Cortland, NY (age 8-17) 

3. City of Philadelphia 
both Manayunk (post-college) 
and University City (a summer in college)

Three places I have worked

1. Trendy local retail boutique - last only ONE DAY in highschool. 
Enough to know retail was NOT for me. 

2. Catering (highschool/college) 

3. Deloitte - first job out of school 

Three Things I Love to Watch

1. Football 

2. This Is Us

3. Jessica Jones (Netflix)

Three Things I Love to Eat

1. Pasta 

2. Cheese 

3. Buffalo wings with chunky blue cheese sauce

Three Favorite Drinks (not water)

1. White Wine. 

2. Victory's Golden Monkey Beer

3. Mountain Dew - I drink it maybe once or twice a year (hypes me up too much), 
but oh my I LOVE IT. 

Three Things I'm Looking Forward To

1. Next Kid-Swap

2. Front hall and half-bath renovation

3. Christmas Music!!!

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  1. I love me a good "all about me" survey! Enjoyed reading your answers and now I want to go listen to some Christmas music!!