Monday, November 21, 2016


6 Tips I learned in my 6 months a SAHM:

1. To speed up getting OUT the door, 
take time to organize after getting IN the door. 

As a Working Mom, the biggest hurdle of the day was getting out the door in the morning. 
While this is still probably the biggest hurdle, 
I am now going out the door at least 3-4 times a day. 

The best way to make these exits smooth is to make sure everything is in its place. 
Which means that when I get IN the door, I have to take time to put everything there. 
Maybe not right away, 
but before tackling anything else in the house, 
I organize my next exit. 
Shoes line up by the front door. 
Jackets/sweatshirts hung up. 
Hat/gloves in the winter box. 
Diaper bag restocked. 
Which leads to...

2. Properly stocked diaper bag. 

Like, ok, duh, I get it. 
Most moms have the diaper bag down to a science. 
Truthly, I didn't until becoming a SAHM. 
As a Working Mom, my diaper bag was always an outdated, wrong season mess. 

Now, I have it down to a science of the minimal essentials. 
(Hmm, maybe I'll do a diaper bag post like I did of my workbag?) 

The best decision I made was to dedicate two water bottles solely for the diaper bag. 
My S'well water bottle is my go-to travel water (post: water bottle showdown). 
And Aaron has his Zoli D.Lite which is a great stainless steel travel thermos. 

3. Always have food. 

For you AND kids. 
It took me nearly 6 months to learn this, 
Every time we step out the door, 
I have at the very least one granola bar each for Aaron and I. 
If we're going somewhere close to lunch, 
I'll often pack a deli sandwich for myself, 
knowing that when I get home, 
I'll be in such a hurry for lunch and naptime, 
that most likely I won't eat until much later. 

4. Set aside a designated amount of time to pick up the house.

I love a clean house. 
I mean, don't we all? 

But picking up all the time is maddening; 
it just doesn't work. 
Then again, I can't leave the mess too long or picking up because a HUGE task. 
(I hope you read that in a Trump voice: "It's gonna be HUGE"

I found the best is to pick up the house at two specific intervals in our routine: 
Naptime and Bedtime. 

I try to clean up after meals and cooking, 
but sometimes I have to prioritize. 

I also found it helpful to SET A TIMER for my pickup time. 
I don't check my phone, which keeps me from being distracted. 
Usually I can do a full-house sweep in 15-30 minutes. 

Every now and then, especially after vacations or a particularly crazy weekend, 
I'll need a Power Hour Pickup. 
But mostly 15 minutes twice a day is sufficient. 

5. Pen and Paper is still real. 

Yes, I store absolutely EVERYTHING on my phone. 
But picking up my phone can be dangerous. 
Adding a single item to my to-do list or calendar, 
can suddenly turn into a 5-10 minute distraction period of answering texts and emails. 

Instead, I keep a pad and paper out to just SCRIBBLE thoughts. 
"Ketchup" (add to grocery list) 
"Call contractor about sinks" (add to do list) 
"Salad, cookie, and yogurt" (add to food log app) 
And sometimes even...
"Text Adam - Aaron nap story" 

Then when I sit down to nurse Oliver, 
I spend that time inputting everything into my phone. 

Of course, like every human with a smartphone, 
there are still times I get distracted or lost in a text conversation. 
But this has helped me tremendously to stay focused. 

6. If you call it "preschool," you sound like a responsible mom.  
If you call it "daycare," you sound like a lazy mom.  

But they are the exact same thing. 

Aaron goes to a "center" 3 mornings a week. 
When I called it "daycare" (BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT IT IS) 
people looked at me like: 
"Uh, you stay home, why is your kid in daycare?

But when I called it preschool, I got the nod of: 
"Ah yes, education and socialization is important.



  1. Re: Number 6 -- As a SAHM mom, if you call it "daycare" people think you are a spendthrift. If you call it "preschool" you are sacrificing for your child's education.

    And I'm a HUGE fan of pen and paper. Love it!

  2. I think the constant getting in/out of the car/house would irritate me, so I'd have to figure out some way to make it easier as well. And I'm with you about the diaper bag - I had one with the twins but it always stayed in the car! Glad you've figured out some tricks to make the whole thing a little easier!

  3. Amen on the working mom diaper bag! I was at a park once with my sister and Trent fell in some mud. Of course I didn't have a change of clothes for him in the car (and I still don't), nothing to wipe him up with, no snacks, no nothing. Luckily my sister had some pants (because she's a SAHM, duh). I am bad about the picking up - the hours after the kids get home are so hectic! But as they're getting older we are doing some 'family pick-up' times which helps. Why should it be my job to do all the cleaning when we all took part in making the mess, ha? Although I do think I'm going to take a 10 minute break to do a few things in the living room - it's driving me nuts right now!