Wednesday, November 23, 2016

SAHM vs Working Mom: Dressing My Best

"You'll never wear your favorite jeans again. 
You'll go straight from work clothes to sweatpants." 

This was the warning from one of my coworkers way back when I was an intern.  
And I thought it was ridiculous. 
I mean, I had lived in jeans all my life. 
Every single day of college was jeans, 
with the occasional American Eagle sweatpants thrown in on the laziest of days. 

However, she was [mostly] right. 
My favorite pair of jeans was relegated to 1-2 weekend nights a week (at best) 
- saved for a night out at the bar or a house party. 
All other days, it was slacks and pencil skirts, 
followed by yoga pants / leggings at home. 
And when kids came, those bar nights were even less frequent 
which meant even less of my jean appearances. 

Then I became a SAHM. 
Of course we all know the stereotypical attire is YOGA PANTS. 
I can't tell you whether it was a conscious decision or not, 
but that's not how I dress. 
In fact, I now wear my yoga pants significantly LESS than when I was working! 

Overall, I actually dress better as a SAHM than I did as a Working Mom.
(Now don't start thinking I'd fall into the "stylish mom" category just yet. 
I'll never be cool enough for that title.)

Here's an example: 
On a typical day getting dressed as a SAHM, 
I'm in my distressed Joe's skinny jeans and a sweater. 
If it's a park day or some other chasing-children activity, 
I'll wear my TOMs or my floral converse. 
If it's just errands (where children are contained in a shopping cart or other device), 
I can wear boots with a heel.  
In the fall I'm wearing my pink trench coat. 
All days include a shower and makeup, 
even if it's just the HVAC guy coming to give us a quote 
(you never know, he may be cute --- 
totally joking, they are all highly unattractive). 
I've even started playing with lip color, 
something I've never done because colorful lips just accentuated my rosacea.

(Of course I have like no photos of my actually looking like this, 
because 99.9% I'm behind the camera, 
but here is a typical outfit, 
minus the Hunter rain boots) 

Why do I put in more effort now than before? 
Why don't I just wear yoga pants? 

I don't really know. 

Maybe because I don't have the pressure to dress up for work, 
it's more fun to look nice other times.

Maybe it's because my jeans and trench have more pockets 
than yoga pants & sweatshirt, 
which is essential for my cellphone and keys. 

Maybe it just makes me feel good. 

Maybe it's only the first year 
and by next year I'll have reduced my appearance to 
"a notch above slob." 
(Perfectly likely)

So check back with me in like 5 years, 
and maybe by then my yoga pants collection will have overtaken my closet. 

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  1. Currently, I spend most non-work time (which is when I'm with the kids) in workout clothes unless we have some kind of event to attend, but I do think if being at home with a permanent thing, I would make more of an effort to wear "real" clothes. What I wonder is how often I would actually fix my hair... I think I would spend 95% of my time with my hair going straight into a bun after the shower!