Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Sore Loser

This is the kind of post that NO ONE should put on social media. 
Neither popular blogger nor totally anonymous blogger (me).  
But we already know that I have no blogging common sense so... 

Whenever the opposite party wins a vote, 
opposition voters proclaim:
But usually by the end of term, 
the country is not in shit. 
It has survived.  
We are all alive and living in our jobs and our homes and IT'S OK.

When Obama was elected, 
there were outcries of EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE RUINED.
8 years later and we're still here. 
(Fair, there was an epic stock market crash, but that was from a housing bubble that began in the 90s and expanded through multiple presidencies) 

Now, I'm going to be THAT person. 
THAT person we all roll our eyes at. 
 (So commence eye rolling now...
And I'm being that person in HOPES 
that in 4 years you throw this post back in my face 
and say 
"HAHAHAHA, everything was fine.  
CHILL THE F**K out."  
Please say it to me.  
Bookmark this.

(Ok fair, no one is going to waste a good bookmark on this shitty post but STILL... 
Humor me, I've been drinking all night) 

Things I fear:

- A Muslim Holocaust

- Mass Latino deportation

- Nuclear fallout from severed foreign relations

- A police brutality state

(In short, I fear that we will become Nazi Germany)

Now, if at the end of 4 years, 
none of these have happened, 
I am ok. 
I am not going to move to Canada 
(although Natasha makes it very appealing). 
This is why our country is great, 
we have a BALANCE OF POWER. 
Senate and Congress can balance the outcomes.  

(Of course there are other things I fear like repealing gay rights and repealing progressive health care, but those are recent steps forward, the repeal of which does not shake me to my core. I also fear another stock market crash but we've proven we can survive that.)

So yes, to those who vote for Trump, 
I give a bow. 
I didn't think you had it, 
but you did it. 
I do not despise you. 
(And I hope you don't despise me, 
Which you shouldn't, 
Because winners usually don't despise losers, 
They just laugh at them) 

You had an amazing win. 
And we all had our reasons for voting. 

I acknowledge that one of the main points of Trump was to elect a pro-life judge which 
(although I think there are other ways to reduce abortion rates, 
but that's a totally different post which I shall NEVER write - PLEASE hold me to that!). 

So in the end, 
the election is done. 
I did my part. 
It didn't work out. 

I hope that my worst fears are never recognized. 
I hope that when 4 years ends, 
I laugh and say: 
"Ok, that was fine.  
We are all good." 

Let me nurse my wine hangover. 
And let me now do my part to love. 


  1. If people were KIND, we wouldn't have problems, ha. I know I'm simplifying things, but what has made me the most sad in this election is how ugly we've been to each other. If we would treat everyone with kindness and respect, a lot of these issues would be gone. And not just us to each other, but world-wide. Like ISIS - be nice and we won't try to kill you. ;) Ha.

  2. I have to say that many of my Canadian friends are in shock and disbelief this morning so I don't know what the mood is in the States.

    I appreciate your words about:

    "Whenever the opposite party wins a vote,
    opposition voters proclaim:
    But usually by the end of term,
    the country is not in shit.
    It has survived.
    We are all alive and living in our jobs and our homes and IT'S OK."

    I am going to hold onto the hope of that.

    And, while Canada is not perfect, if I see any homes for sale in our neighbourhood, I can let you know :)

  3. Because I was not excited about either candidate (though I did vote for one of them), I have been reminding myself that one way or another, God will make good out of the outcome. The sun will continue to rise and set and hopefully checks and balances will prevent any earth-shattering scenarios from taking place!

  4. The "silent majority" elected Trump. The silence continues today as people don't disclose their votes. Those who won't say who they voted for, very likely voted for Trump. And they're not proud of it.

    Today is a dark, dark day for America. The good news, Emily, is that Trump's campaign rhetoric and promises will turn out to be empty. He is a businessman married to an immigrant. He won't build a wall, he won't turn his back on trade agreements (bad for his business), and he won't have the support of even a Republican Congress for mass deportations or complete repeal of Obamacare. The "angry white men" who elected him are going to be really angry when they realize how little he is actually going to do for them. He will run America like one of his corporations and we'll survive his term.

    However, Trump WILL continue to be unkind, bigoted and misogynistic because that's who he is to his core. All we can hope is that his handlers can keep his mouth shut more effectively when he is actually President. The problem is that we all know who he really is. How we can teach our children to have respect for such a person? We can't.

    Those who voted for Trump, well, good luck seeing any payback. The rest of us will get another chance in four years. Hang on for better days!

    1. I hope you are right that he will be kept in check!

  5. You fear a Muslim holocaust?? You took "we should properly vet Muslims who we let into our country" to fearing he's going to put Muslims in work camps and starve/ gas/ work them to death?? Is that honestly what you fear? I'm a woman and I proudly voted for Trump as did many of my friends. I appreciate that you don't despise me; I certainly don't despise you for voting for HRC. I had my own very real fears if she had won (likely you would think one or more of my fears was absurd). How 'bout those protesters though? Jeeze, let's protest DEMOCRACY! And destroy property while we're at it!! Oh, that they had your attitude about HRC's loss.

    1. Up until Election Day, there was a statement on his website to "ban all Muslims from the country." "Ban" is a very different word than "vet." "Banning" is the kind of phrase Hitler used to put Jews on trains. He was "banning" them from Germany. Hitler was not "vetting" the Jews. And yes, Crooked Hillary had problems too. YES. But there was no statement on her website that indicated she wanted to eliminate a group of people based on religion alone

    2. The Holocaust started with someone planting the idea that a certain group of people were responsible for the country's problems. Ideas are like cancer - they grow, they spread. That's what people are protesting. They aren't protesting democracy. However, how can you call it democracy when the popular vote was for the loser?

  6. You go girl! I am still in total disbelief that people I know and love actually voted for Trump.
    I consoled myself after the election with the notion that actually being president would make Trump behave himself ~ and that 4 years might go by without him causing too much harm.
    As I read the newspaper every morning, I no longer believe that is possible. He is an angry bully and life as we know it in our country is truly in jeopardy.