Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Best of 2016

I did this in 2014 and wish I had done it in 2015. 
A little snapshot of our year. 

Best Family Photo of 2016

Our holiday card, taken at the beach in September. 
My friend nicely photoshopped my hair which was all over the place. 
We decided to leave the little tuft on Oliver's head, because it was cute. 

Best IG Photo of 2016

Aaron holding 11-day-old Oliver. 
This is still my phone wallpaper. 
I just love Oliver's tiny-ness and Aaron's sweet gaze. 
Even now, Aaron is a really awesome big brother. 
He has just blown away our expectations. 

Best Movie of 2016: 
Dead pool 

I can't believe I'm putting a comic book movie on here 
but it was so unexpectedly good! 
I was totally blown away by how funny it was 
and how shockingly good Ryan Reynolds was! 
Yes of course there were some too-long fight scenes but overall it was a big winner. 

Best TV Show of 2016: 
This Is Us. 

We dove into the world of Netflix shows this year 
but this simple network tv show is the best. 
I laugh, cry, and get all warm and fuzzy every episode. 

I wanted to put Gilmore Girls on here, 
but unfortunately it didn't live up to the hype I had hoped for. 

Best Book of 2016: 
Ready Player One

(Reviewed in my March-April series)
Ready Player One barely eeked out the Harry Potter series as best book I read this year 
(it was actually published 2011). 
Like Deadpool above, it was so unexpectedly good that it totally sticks in my memory as WOW. 

Best New Song of 2016 : 
Rachel Platten's Stand By You

Just like her "fight song" this is my favorite as a super-powerful, motivational song. 
The perfect song to run to! 

(Runner Up: P!nk's "Just Like Fire" - also amazing running song)

Best New Recipe: 
This was a masterpiece meal and still is a top favorite. 
Every time I make it, we eat them moaning: "oh they are so good" 

(Runner Up: Blue Apron's Seared Chicken & Udon Noodles, which is where I FINALLY learned how to cook chicken!)

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  1. Fun lookback! My end of the year post will be coming some time soon (... ideally before the year actually ends, ha)!