Friday, December 30, 2016

Books I Read (Sept-Dec)

This is a big post. 
I should've published it at the end of October, 
but I didn't and here it is. 
The gargantuan book post. 

The association of small bombs 
By Karan Mahajan 

Proof that a cool bookcover means nothing. 
Horrible slow miserable book. 
Sooooo slow. 
Like 28 chapters too long (there's 32 in total). 
I seriously regret the time I wasted reading it. 

The Caped Crusader 
By Glen Weldon 

The premise of this book is pretty cool, 
explaining how the rise of batman affected "nerd culture." 
I was thinking it would be similar to Ready Player One 
where I could have no knowledge of video games 
(or in this case, comic books) 
and still enjoy the book. 
I mean, I've seen Christian Bale's batman. 
Isn't that good enough? 
Unfortunately that was not the case. 
It was so heavily focused on the actual comics that it meant nothing to me. 

The Joy of Less 
By Francine Jay 

This is Marie Kondo Lite. 
Many similar concepts but not as passionate or pushy. 
I most definitely favor Marie Kondo. 

Harry Potter Series 
by J.K. Rowling

This I needed. 
I had been striking out left and right on books (see above, and previous months
and needed something to DIVE into. 
As a tween/teen, I had read Harry Potter up until book #3 and then stopped. 
This time I read the whole series and OH MY. 
I just loved it. 
It reignited my little nerd mania all over again. 

(Also a thank-you to Allena for saving me when I accidentally skipped a book in the series.)

For fun, if I could sum up the books, I would say: 

Sorcerer's Stone: The Intro to it All. 
Chamber of Secrets: Follow the Clues. 
Prisoner of Azkaban: Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. HOLY SHIT. 
'Goblet of Fire: Wizards' Hunger Games  
Order of the Phoenix: Everyone has PMS
Half-Blood Prince: Ohhhhh, so that's what happened. 
Deathly Hallows: Something only happens every 5th chapter 

My favorites were the Chamber of Secrets and Goblet of Fire. 

Rich and Pretty 
By Ruuman Alam

This book is about nothing, 
there's no plot at all. 
Yet it's absolutely captivating 
And I absolutely, totally loved it. 

It reminds me a little of Park Avenue Primates (a better book than this) 
and Crazy Rich Asians (not as good as this), 
in that it delves into the life of the top wealthy 0.1%. 
Me, I like learning about the top 0.1%. 
It's like window shopping in an expensive mall. 
But some people find it petty. Whatever. 

The most shocking part is that it written by a man, 
YET he totally nails that long-time female friendship. 

The Hating Game 
by Sally Thorne

I freaking loved this book. 
This was a very predicable, cliche chick-lit book 
And, again, I absolutely LOVED IT. 
It's a very simple, light read. 
It hits emotions perfectly
without spending 25 paragraphs spelling it out (yawn). 
I looked forward to reading it every night 
and was actually disappointed when it ended
 (although the end is truly awesome), 
which definitely says something about a book! 

The Singles Game 
By Lauren Weisberger 

I absolutely loved this book. 
Sometimes I worry reading a second book by an author I liked 
(she wrote "The Devil Wears Prada") 
but I think I liked this even better than the first. 
It has sex, action, betrayal, and a great bad guy (guys?). 

Also, let's admit I thought it was about dating because "singles," 
not about tennis. LOL. 

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  1. Yay! Sounds like you had a few winners and so glad HP was a winner! And yes, yes, yes on The Hating Game.