Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christmas Wishlist

I think it was Christmas 2014 where I went nuts blogging over Christmas wishlists. 
I promise I won't be that crazy this year. 

This year I'm sticking to just MY wishlist. 

Lily Jade Diaper Bag 
with Jade interior 

I've been lusting after these diaper bags for years. 
I've seen them on Grace Patton 
and Kelsey and my lusting has continued forever. 
I've owned a Timi & Leslie bag which is very good 
(their key-hook ring is a game-changer) 
but it's not leather. 
And my heart belongs to leather. 

Pottery Barn Faux Throw 

OK, so this is a total luxury don't-need. 
We have so many blankets in our house. 
But I've read amazing reviews of these throws, 
and the rich creamy texture... oh la la. 
Trust me, I'd never let the kids within 10 feet of this blanket. 
I'd hide it away in my room only for ME ME ME 
like the good selfish mom that I am. 
But doesn't it just scream "relaxing and reading"???

Braun Wet Epilator 

Long story short, 
I started using an epilator a few years ago, 
and although I really love my soft caress one
the inconvenience of drying off AFTER the shower was annoying, 
and I just want one for IN the shower. 

SMALL Stainless Steel Roasting Pan 

There's a lot I love about our house. 
Lots of things. 
One of them is NOT our 1960s kitchen, 
slated to be remodeled in the next 5 years. 
And meanwhile has one of those ovens that can't fit a full cookie sheet. 
All my gorgeous roasting pans are stored away until the remodel, 
so I'm looking for decent cookware to get my through the next few years. 

One-Line-a-Day Memory Book 

I thought this was super cute. 
Something I wouldn't buy for myself, 
but would use if someone got it for me. 
Each page is one day, with 5 years, 
so every day you write a blurb or sentence about your day. 
And can compare to all previous years. 
I think it's super cute and simple. 

GIR (Get It Right) Spatula 

Oh, spatulas. 
They are annoying. 
I thought I was getting nice ones for my wedding; 
they were Kitchen Aid. 
Isn't Kitchen Aid supposed to be good? 
But the heads sometimes fall off, 
and they often don't have enough control (read: too rubbery). 
After a little bit of research, I found these, 
which I think may be promising. 
(Any other suggestions for good spatulas?) 

The Great Escape DVD 

My dad loved WWII movies, 
and I have very fond memories of watching this with him as a young kid. 
As WWII movies go, it was pretty "light" 
(no Holocaust or brutal killings) 
which made it favorable for me as a little kid. 
I'm really hoping Adam puts this in my stocking. 


  1. Always fun to see what other people are asking for! We have a couple's Q&A book that we started this past year that sounds similar to the memory book you mentioned above that. There's a question for each day that we both write down our answers to and it spans a 3-year period. Will be interesting to see how the answers change! Also, it's finally cold here and as I'm sitting here freezing in my office, I REALLY wish I had that blanket!!

  2. We love our Tupperware spatulas. They are awesome! And I have had them for about fifteen years and they don't look used at all. And I love the idea of that memory book -- it sounds nice and doable, unlike my blog these days. Argh.

    All I want for Christmas is a pair of Hunter wellington boots -- preferably in a bright colour. I've been lusting after them for about a year now.