Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Velcro Baby

We need to talk about this man here. 

If you follow me on snapchat (theColeBin) 
you most definitely know that Oliver is a Velcro Baby to the highest degree. 
He is attached to me at all times

I first joked about his Velcro baby status 
when he was a newborn and just wanted to live eternally in the solly wrap
That was fine because under 10 lbs, a front-carry baby is nothing. 

From 3-months to around 5-months, 
he transformed into the most chill baby ever. 
He never fussed or demanded attention. 
Everyone commented on how he was so easy and flexible, 
and literally just the greatest baby ever. 

Then somewhere around 5-months, 
he changed his mind. 
He didn't like being an easy-going baby anymore. 
He got really fussy, 
which we attributed to teething. 
(2 months later and not a tooth in sight.) 

Now, he just insists on being with Mama 24/7. 

If I walk out of the room, he cries

If he leave him on the floor, highchair, or any other baby device too long, 
even if he can still see mehe cries

If he's in someone else's care for more than an hour or two, 
he loses his shit

My middle sister has been helping me out Wednesday nights for 2 hours, 
so I can do awesome things like get waxed, 
get my nails done, 
and shop Target alone 
(I know, I know, I lead a crazy life - snort). 
And last Wednesday I texted I was heading home and she replied: 
"Thank you, Jesus. Oliver hates me.

And bedtime... LOL LOL
No one except me has put him to bed since pre-bottle strike at 3-months. 
No one. 
And this Saturday, my youngest sister is babysitting so we can go see Rogue One 
(proud Star Wars nerds!) 
and the movie is at 6:30. 
So please send lots of prayers our way because my sister is going to die.
And she doesn't drink so I can't repair the damage with alcohol, sigh!

Aaron was NEVER like this. 
But with Aaron I was a Working Mom. 
He was in the care of grandmothers and daddy and daycare. 

True, he was a mama's boy through and through (still is), 
but not in the I-must-be-attached-at-your-hip way. 

Oliver is my Velcro Baby. 

On one hand, yes, I'm totally flattered. 
And kind of love it. 
He won't be this small forever. 
And some day I'll cry missing these days. 

I also know that it won't hold him back. 
Oliver has ZERO interest in crawling because
 "why crawl when Mommy can carry you?" 
Which was the EXACT attitude of my husband. 
Adam refused to walk until well past 18 months old 
because he just wanted to be on his mom's hip. 
My in-laws had to Red Shirt him as a kindergartener 
because he wasn't emotionally ready to leave his mama's legs. 

A few decades later, and Adam graduated 1st in his law school
He turned out ok after all. 

So yes, Oliver is my Velcro baby. 
And all hail the makers of the soft-shell baby carrier because it is MY LIFE. 


  1. That is a challenge for sure! But a cute challenge, at least... and thankfully you've done this baby thing once, so you seem to have a good perspective about it and know that this, too, shall pass!!

  2. Isn't it so interesting to watch their personalities develop? Trent didn't care how he got his milk as long as he got it and loved a pacifier. We stopped nursing at 14 months and it was easy-peasy. Drew HATED the bottle and drank enough at daycare I swear to not die and hated a paci. She nursed until 2.5 and probably still would if she could! She is still my little shadow!