Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2017 Resolutions

I always thought resolutions were stupid, 
but the older I get, 
the more I like them.  
I love setting goals for myself, 
and - just as important - evaluating them to see how I did! 

So here we begin: 

2017 Resolutions

1. Lose Weight. 

I am not even going to pretend this isn't my top goal. 
I own up to my shallowness! 

I am one of those lucky moms who does not lose weight breastfeeding. 
It's infuriating. 
With Aaron, it took me a full 2 years to get back to a happy weight, 
and I was definitely aided in that journey by two back-to-back stomach bugs. 

I've written before about my weight fluctuations, 
and I have no delusions that I'm ever going to see a size 2 again. 
But right now I'm a size 10 and that needs to change. 
I'd like to see a size 6. 
6 is a healthy weight for me and once there, 
it's realistic for me to maintain. 

2. Run 3 Races. 

To aid in my weight loss goal, 
I want to run 3 races this year. 
I am signed up for the Hot Chocolate 15K in April. 

I hope I make the Broad Street Run lottery, 
which would make this my 6th time running this 10-mile race. 

And my friend just told me about the Army Ten-Miler in DC 
which looks to have the most BEAUTIFUL course ever. 

3. Learn to Cook New Seafood 

2016 was a fantastic year for cooking! 
With the help of Blue Apron, I learned how to confidently cook chicken and fish. 
This year I want to try more foods like shrimp and scallops. 
I just love seafood but until this past year, 
I'd never ever cooked it. 
Now that I can cook catfish and salmon with ease, 
I want to start on other seafood. 

Catfish with lemon, capers, and garlic spinach linguini 
Blue Apron recipe here

4. Take Aaron to church. 

I really want Aaron to grow up with a knowledge of the Bible, 
but also have that community of Sunday school and youth group. 
We've bought all the kid Bibles and I can read them to him all I want, 
but I still feel he will learn so much more in Sunday school. 

I will continue to push Jewish education in our home, 
but I'm not sending him to Hebrew school like all his cousins. 
(Or at least, that's my plan now.) 

Problem is, we moved away from a great church 
and if we try to make the commute, 
I know we won't stick to it. 
So I need to go church shopping which is... ugh. 
And everyone I know around here is Jewish so that's not helping, haha. 

5. Do a Time Study on Myself 

I sense that I've decreased in my productivity as a SAHM. 
There's still so many projects I want to tackle in our new house, 
but I find my days being eaten up by the mundane activities. 

I want to do a time study to see where I'm wasting my time. 
What exactly is pulling me down into the waste of unproductivity. 
Then, use my newfound knowledge to maximize my time, 
so that I can focus on my top priorities. 


  1. My one goal is to not get postpartum and transition well to a family of 5 haha. Hard to call it a goal since it is hormones and I can't really help it but I am doing everything I can!! These are great goals and can't wait to see how the year goes!

  2. These are all great resolutions! I'll be especially interested to hear about the time study... never heard of such a thing but it makes sense! Also excited to hear about your church shopping adventures! And funny that everyone you know that lives near you is Jewish because I hardly know anyone that is Jewish- again, probably a common difference in the north vs. the south!