Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Books I Read (January)

At the risk of having this be too big of a post, 
I opted to publish January's readings rather than waiting to add February. 
Now that the holidays have passed, 
I've set aside more time to read
In fact, there was one week where I read every single day at naptime. 

Forever, Interrupted
by Taylor Reid Jenkins

Really loving this author and her writing style!
This book was a bit more depressing than "Maybe in Another Life"
but overall still a great book! 
And, as usual it seems with her books, I just love the ending!

Life after Life
by Jill McCooke

I tried twice to get into this book, 
and twice I failed. 
It's slow. 
It's boring. 
There's no interconnected-ness between the chapters 
(maybe there is later on, but I didn't get to it). 
So I gave up about 1/3 of the way through. 

It Ends with Us 
By Colleen Hoover

This book. 
I struggled at the start of this book, 
even letting it slip to it's due date, 
return it,
 wait for it on hold, 
check it out, 
and start where I left off. 
But once I got 1/4 through, 
I read the remaining 3/4 in one night. 
It's a very powerful book. 

I suspected the ending but I was still left in awe. 
I highly highly recommend this book. 

After I Do 
by Taylor Reid Jenkins

This book held me in suspense for the ending. 
I couldn't figure out which way it would go, 
and changed my mind several times while reading. 
I really REALLY liked how she wrote it. 
To rank her books, so far "Maybe in Another Life" is still my favorite, 
followed by this book, 
and then "Forever, Interrupted" is last (but still good!). 

Chasing Harry Winston 
by Lauren Weisberger 

I wasn't crazy about this book. 
I thought it would be about three friends competing to see who would get married first.
Nope, that's not what it's about. 
Maybe it was my disappointment in that the plot wasn't what I hoped, 
but I just couldn't get into it. 
It was sooo slow 
and I felt like the first 3/4 of the book was about nothing
I also REALLY didn't like one of the three main characters, 
and I think having that immense dislike really overshadowed the tone in the book. 

It kind of shocks me that "The Singles Game" and this book were by the same author, 
because I liked "The Singles Game" so much (as evident in my post here), 
and this book just fell so flat compared to it. 

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  1. I read all but the last one. Life After Life connected some of the characters and I definitely got more into it but then it just...ended and I was bummed. There is another Life After Life (I think by Kate Atkinson or something similar) that was better.