Thursday, January 12, 2017

Introvert Baby

We learned a very important lesson over the holidays. 
Oliver is an introvert baby. 

Aaron, as I've written about before, is an extrovert. 
Like me, he is a strong extrovert, who absolutely thrives on parties and people. 
Adam is an introvert for sure, 
but I'd call him a "light" introvert in that he still likes parties, 
but afterwards he just wants to go home and sleep. 
(Versus Aaron and I, who want to go paint the town after a party.) 

I already predicted Baby #2 would be an introvert (here), 
but what I didn't expect was how early this would appear. 

This holiday season, Oliver was M-I-S-E-R-A-B-L-E. 
Any gathering over 3 people and he lost his mind
Fussing and crying, even with me. 
Present open was basically an anxiety attack for him. 

And sometimes, the best I could do, was stick him on my back, 
like the Velcro baby he is
and just let him hang from there. 

Christmas Eve at Adam's aunt/uncle's house: on my back

I won't lie, it's really frustrating. 
And it definitely put a damper on the holidays. 
Combine that with Aaron's lack of sleep,
 which culminated in some pretty epic tantrums 
(the kind of tantrum with pterodactyl screaming), 
and safe to say I'm glad the holidays are over. 

Which is very sad, because I LOVE the holidays. 
But I don't love the holidays with an overtired 3.5-year-old, 
nor a baby having an anxiety attack every time he's around a group of people. 

How about going forward? 
Oliver's first birthday is coming up in April. 
(Ok so that's 3+ months away but it FEELS soon.) 

And in my current mood, I'm thinking no birthday party. 
He doensn't need toys and he hates people, 
so why throw a party? 

Adam wants to play-it-by-ear, 
and thinks we can get a better sense at Aaron's party in March. 
(Because Aaron is definitely having a party or he would DIE.)

But I assure you, if Oliver loses his shit at Aaron's party 
like he did at Christmas, 

Maybe we'll invite the grandparents over for a cupcake. 
And call it good. 


  1. 1. I, too, am thankful the holidays are behind us for similar reasons... too much overstimulation for all of us, but especially the twins, and it just felt like they were cranky and off their game for 2 months straight!
    2. It will be interesting to see if this is Oliver's permanent disposition or if she changes as he gets older??
    3. HOW is he already almost 1?! And how are our big kids already almost 4?!

  2. I think it is smart to not have a party if it still freaks him out. Should be about him so let it be the people he loves and a cupcake! That's what we did w Trent for several years bc of his aversion to too many people in his space and what we did this year for drew since we had a 10 day old on her bday!