Tuesday, January 24, 2017

SAHM vs Working Mom: Time to Blog

I'm turning into the "once-a-week" blogger. 
Which is a pretty dramatic turn from my "4-times-a-week" blogger 
back when I pregnant doing weekly updates 
and simuletaneously doing the 30 Day Week Writing Challenge
It's not for lack of interest. 
I have a backlog of topics stored in my phone. 
Instead, it's due to time. 

Which brings me to my current comparison...

SAHM vs Working Mom: 
Time to Blog

I first got into blogging when I was pregnant with Aaron (this blog), 
shortly after I had switched jobs 
and transitioned from a crazy stressful work environment, 
to a calm, "mom friendly" work environment. 

In my "mom job" (as I refer to it), 
I had plenty of time to blog during the workday. 
I am incredibly fast and efficient worker
 (particularly when it comes to spreadsheets), 
and most times I could get everything done within 4-5 hours, 
leaving me 3-4 hours to kill in front of my laptop. 

Of course a good employee would have asked for more work. 
But I wasn't looking to earn any golden stars. 
And I rather liked my downtime. 
I'd socialize with coworkers and walk the halls, 
blog away about whatever, 
pin everything in sight, 
and some days I did truly find the end of the internet. 

Of course, like any job, some weeks were crazy busy. 
Some weeks had a lot of travel. 
But overall, it was pretty calm. 

Contrast that to staying home with these two monsters. 

I've already talked about how staying home gives me more time to do things
Laundry? No problem. 
Cooking dinner every day? On it. 
Keeping a clean house?  Sure
Errands?  Yay!  A distraction! 

But sitting in front of my laptop blogging? 

My evenings are blissfully free now that I'm doing everything during the day, 
but I've never liked being on my laptop in the evenings. 
The glare of the screen is bad for sleep. 
(Of course you could argue the same about TV, 
but I think it's different since the TV is far away.) 
And I'd just plain rather read in the evenings. 

The rare once-a-week blog post is usually thanks to an unexpectedly long naptime, 
where I got everything done and still have time spare! 
It's pretty rare. 
But don't you worry, 
I will keep this blog going, 
populating it with a slew of uninteresting topics that no one cares to read about. 


  1. I have a very similar set-up at work in that most days, I get my work done with plenty of time to spare... but for some reason I don't feel as inspired at work?! And then in the evenings, when I usually (or should I say, USED TO) feel a little more motivated, sometimes I'm just too darn tired. But in general, I agree, I would blog much less often if I stayed at home bc if I had free time during the day, there are other things I'd want to take care of around the house, whereas when I'm stuck at work, my options are limited!

  2. For me, it's been the absolute opposite. My kids entertained themselves pretty well during the day and I felt pretty caught up on housework, dishes, meal prep, etc. So I had lots of time to blog.

    Now that I'm working, nothing is caught up and all my blogging time has turned in to "working time" and then some. I am still unwilling to say good-bye to my blog but I just haven't had the time to keep it up. It makes me really sad because I also have lots of things I'd still like to blog about.

  3. I have always done a mix - some during work and some at night. Now that I'm home for 5.5 months, I seem to do 2 or 3 posts at a time for the coming week in one of the rare naps Paige isn't on my chest. I am trying to get in bed really quickly after she goes down to maximize a sleep cycle, so there's definitely no computer time at night!