Thursday, February 16, 2017

Where'd you go? I miss you so...

I hope you sang that title...

Which is, btw, fairly laughable as I assume no one was wondering where I went, 
nor was anyone pining away for the ramblings of this blog. 

But to ME it feels like I haven't blogged in a while. 
I skipped exactly one week. 
Why you ask? 
(This is redundant.  No one is asking) 
Let me tell you! 

In order of importance...

1. The blogger app is malfunctioning. 
It's a pretty shitty app as it is, 
but it does the trick for bedtime nursing sessions 
when I drum up half a blogpost in my head and 
can whip out my phone to start it. 
This gives me a short list of drafts I can always build on. 
But recently it's been shutting down without reason (and without saving!). 

2. Political shit has my dander up. 
This recent travel ban has my panties all in bunch. 
It pisses me the hell off, 
and then I get pissed off that other people AREN'T pissed off. 

I took Aaron to church (a New Year's Resolution!) 
the first Sunday after Trump executed his ban, 
and when the pastor closed his sermon
 (a sermon about helping those in need...!) 
I was hoping for a brief prayer of 
"we pray for the refugees around the world" 
"we pray for those homeless and abandoned" 
well, something

On the flip side, 
when bloggers do write wonderful posts about the subject 
(Bridget writes a beauty here
I get pissed all over again because all the passion and emotions stirs up my own emotions too! 

In summary, I was too worked up to write a coherent blogpost. 
I've calmed down (a little) since then. 

 moving on from that topic...

3. We traded dreary PA winter for Florida! 
My in-laws flew me and the boys to Ft Lauderdale for 5 days of sunshine, 
pool time, 
beach time, 
great food, 
and plentiful wine. 

While I expected Aaron to have a blast 
I was blown away that my Velcro Baby would love it too. 
Oliver is the biggest water baby I've ever seen. 
He loved the pool (which I expected) 
but we got to the beach and not only did he love the sand 
(which Aaron hated) 
but he also LOVED the ocean waves. 
He would have sat in that wet sand for hours letting the waves roll over his chubby legs. 
It was so precious. 
So many beachgoers stopped to tell us how amazed they were at his happiness. 
Of course I have no smiling photo to document this (eye roll) 
so just trust me. 
The closest I have is this grainy video of him wiggling his legs and shaking his arms in excitement as he watches the waves roll in. 

Of course, the flip side to this lovely little vacation was the horror of an ER visit. 
I was changing Oliver's diaper on the bed, 
turned away to reach for wipes, 
and in a split second he dove over the side
and smacked his head on the ceramic floor. 
He went limp and we rushed him to the closest ER 10 minutes away. 
I was hyperventilating and sobbing by the time I ran him in. 
A quick check of vitals by the ER staff, 
a 3.5-hour wait, 
and a CT scan confirmed that he was indeed absolutely fine

Needless to say, I still have flashbacks of horror. 

4. Stomach Bug From Hell

The flight home from Florida I felt queasy. 
But given my Terror of Flying, I didn't think much of it. 
My first clue was when we stopped at Panera on the drive home 
and I wasn't really hungry, 
which is surprising because I am ALWAYS HUNGRY

Long story short, 
I was wrecked with such pain it was like a flashback to childbirth. 
Then Aaron started vomiting. 
Then the next day Oliver had diarrhea, then vomiting. 
The day after that, Adam was on his deathbed. 

Needless to say, there was no bubbly this Valentine's Day. 

And now that we seem to have recovered, 
I hope to return to our regularly scheduled routine. 
Good news is that I'm actively doing a time study of myself 
(another New Year's Resolution!) 
with the goal that I will have even more time for blogging in the future. 
Which will hopefully produce much more enlightening posts than this one?


  1. But you DID write a (political) post and then took it down! I hope that wasn't because you got too much negative feedback.

    1. Oh haha that was a post from months earlier (right after the election) that accidentally reposted when I fixed an error. It's still there, just correctly back in Nov 2016!

  2. Welcome back, both from your blogging vacation and your real vacation! Stomach bug after a trip is the worst return to reality ever... I guess better than getting the bug while on the trip, but still- not cool!