Tuesday, February 21, 2017

WIDN: Winter 2017 Edition

WIDN: Winter 2017 Edition. 


One of my New Year's Resolutions was to start making more seafood. 
I tried Wegman's Blush Shrimp with Zucchini noodles which was very good. 
(Pictured: squash noodles instead of zucchini, not as good)
Adam said it needed rice (or real pasta, not spiraled veggie pasta), 
which was true, but the actual shrimp themselves came out great. 


Kevita Probiotic. 
I was drinking kombucha but kombucha has caffeine, 
and we all know I'm psycho on caffeine. 
So I switched to their probiotic drinks which are fizzy goodness, 
without the caffeine. 
They are expensive but ah-maz-ing. 


The Opposite of Spoiled 
by Ron Lieber 
(or rather, I will be once I pick it up from the library tomorrow)
I'm debating whether to start Aaron on an allowance when he turns 4. 
There seems to be a sad lack of resources on this topic. 
All of your thoughts are welcome, 
whether it's your own children 
or your own experience as a child! 

My new purse to hurry up and ship!!! 

With bonus money this year, 
Adam and I decided that in addition to our usual 
"save up for house renovations," 
we would treat ourselves to something new. 
Adam got new golf clubs 
and I got a new NON-MOM purse. 
It is everything I've wanted. 
Kate Spade. 
All the heart-eye-emojis!

Harry Potter. 
After reading the books a few months back, 
I decided to delve into the movies (I'd only ever seen the first). 
It's fun to see how Hollywood transforms the books.  

Listening To
My Running Playlist for the last month: 
Higher Ground - Red Hot Chili Peppers 
Any Way You Want It - Journey 
Pour Some Sugar On Me - Def Leppard 
You Really Got Me - Van Halen 
Living on a Prayer - Bon Jovi 
Highway to Hell - ACDC 
Thunderstruck - ACDC 
Shook Me All Night Long - ACDC 
Paradise City - Guns N Roses 
Dream On - Aerosmith 
Breaking the Law - Judas Priest 
Running Free - Iron Maiden 
We're Not Gonna Take It - Twisted Sister



- Sweet Butter Lettuce 
 - Clementine wedges 
- Caramelized walnuts 
(walnuts + maple syrup + cinnamon broiled in toaster oven) 
- Goat cheese 
- Dried Cranberries 
- Homemade Balsamic Dressing 
(2 Tbs balsamic + 1 tsp Dijon + 1 tsp maple syrup + 1/2 cup olive oil = 8 servings)



Sticky, smelly sweat. 
Gross, I know. 
The yoga studio by my house specializes only in HOT power yoga. 
But man it feels good!


... That as a nation, that we could learn from our mistakes. 
In WWII, we turned away so many Jewish refugees fleeing the Holocaust. 
We turned them away because they could be Nazis
And certainly our national security was top priority! 
After all, we were at WAR! 
But I wonder how many Jewish lives would have been spared, 
if we had not let our fear rule our policy? 
Why can't we learn from our mistakes? 

(You thought I'd let one blog post go without a refugee comment? You'd be wrong!)

Global Warming. 
Sorry sorry, I know this is a problem. 
A big problem. 
But when its 67 degrees in February... 
it's just SO NICE. 


Elizabeth in Camel with Jade interior. 
Such a beautiful bag. 
So incredibly functional. 
It amazes me every day with how perfect it is for a mom. 
(And yes, that makes two new purses this year.  It's a great year.) 

To finalize (and BUY) everything for our renovations next month. 
I absolutely cannot WAIT. 
GOODBYE 1960s broken slate floor in the front hall & bath. 

GOODBYE 1960s pink rusted sink that Aaron claims is "dirty." 

GOODBYE half-bath where they painted over the hideous wallpaper, 
and now it's all cracked and peeling. 

Zella's New High Waist Leggings. 
I've always been a huge fan of Nordstrom's zella line, 
but I stumbled onto their high waist legging and OMG. 
The high waist is absolutely amazing for the mom muffin top, 
and also perfect for all those downward dogs in yoga classes. 
I have the splice leggings here, 
but I get the most compliments on the cut-out leggings

Beauty products
I'm 32 which means my youthful 20s are starting to fade, 
and I can see a few gray hairs starting to sprout. 
I've never been repulsed by the concept of aging, 
but I would like to do so gracefully
So I've become really into things like anti-aging serums, 
except I know nothing about anti-aging serums. 
I've been testing some products via Nordstrom's free samples, 
but I think I'm going to go with Philosophy's Time In a Bottle, 
based on the Cupcakes & Cashmere review here
Anyone else have some good serum recs?


  1. We just started Sam on allowance in January and he's going to be eight in March. We got three barn banks from our local credit union. He gets $5* a week and at least a dollar has to go into each barn -- spend, save, and share. He gets to decide where the last $2* goes.

    We decided to tie his allowance to his getting ready in the morning -- a dollar a day. He has his popsicle sticks (http://livingwellmom.com/2015/07/chore-sticks-simple-chore-system-kids-works/) and if we have to remind him about them more than a few times in a morning, he loses 25 cents. For instance, he lost fifty cents this morning because he was being a poo.

    My friend's son who just turned twelve only gets $4 a week but he gets to spend it however he wants. He can earn extra quarters by practicing his violin extra times.

    My other friends' son turned eight in October and gets $8 a week. He also has the spend, save, share banks but he also has to pay for his own school lunches (if he wants them) and his book orders at school. His church offering also comes out of his money. We aren't doing any of that with Sam.

    So there are three (way too many!) options for how we and our friends are doing it.

    And of course, Rachel will likely get allowance starting in the fall, earlier than Sam, but that's always how it goes with the youngest kid, right?!?!?

  2. My sis started giving Davis an allowance at 5 and they do the spend/save/give jars as well. I'm not sure about the amounts and how he earns/can lose money, but I'm happy to ask (or put you in touch with her) if you want!

    Both super cute bags and yay for the renovations starting! Can't wait to see how it turns out! And lastly, I think my all pop running playlist would really annoy you based on your list above, ha!