Tuesday, March 21, 2017

20 Questions

Stolen from Natasha
20 Random questions. 

1. Do you like blue cheese? 
YES!  The stinkier the better! 
I eat stinky cheese daily on my salads, 
enough that when Aaron is cooking with pretend food, 
he will often reference "the stinky cheese." 

2. What flavor Kool-Aid? 
As a kid I was intrigued by blue, 
but I expect I would mostly gravitate to the fruit punch red. 
Although truthfully I haven't had Kool-aid in, perhaps, 2 decades? 

3. Do you get nervous before a doctor's appointment? 
I'm in good health and usually the doctor congratulates me on my great health. 

4. What do you think about hot dogs? 
Love 'em. 
Don't tell me what's in them. 
I know it's gross, 
but I don't want to know. 

5. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? 
About 3 mornings a week, I have a Kevita Probiotic. 
Otherwise, just water. 

6. Can you do a push-up? 
No, although I try every time in yoga class. 

7. What's your favorite piece of jewelry? 
Well, I only own one: my wedding ring. 
I do not own any necklaces, bracelets, 
earrings (my ears aren't pierced), or any other rings. 

8. Do you have a hobby? 
Reading and running. 

9. Do you wear glasses? 
Only when pregnant. 
My eyes get super sensitive and bright white lights KILL ME. 
Like throbbing horrible headaches. 
With my first pregnancy, my company was still in our old building 
and I had my office where I could just turn off the lights and work in the dark. 
By the second pregnancy, we had moved to our state-of-the-art open office building 
(which I bitched at length about here), 
and in that same post touched on some of the bright light issues. 
In the end, my boss got the company to agree to pay for $300 "tinted" Kate Spade glasses that would reduce the glare. 
To give you reference, sunglasses are 80% tint. 
These were 20% tint. 
So it was like real glasses, except darker. 
It was a fantastic solution and I give my boss a lot of of props for working on it. 

10. Who was your childhood idol? 
Probably my dad. 
My dad could do no wrong. 
I still love my dad to death, 
but now he's not quite the All-Perfect-Being that I thought he was when I was a child. 

11. Name 3 Drinks you Drink Regularly. 
Kevita Probiotic. 

12. Favorite Place to Be? 
The Super Extrovert in me would say "any party." 
The mom in me would say "Target alone." 
The traveler in me would say "Italy." 
The OCD clean freak in me would say "Hong Kong." 

13. How did you bring in the New Year? 
Every NYE, we go as a family to Teresa's Next Door
a Belgium cafe with out-of-this-world french fries and aioli. 
It's not designed as a family place (no kid menu), 
but the food is outstanding 
(as in, I can list everything we've gotten the past few years). 
There's no TVs there, so it's not crazy on NYE. 
We go for an early dinner, 
put the kids to bed, 
and stay up playing board games and drinking champagne.  
It is seriously one of my favorite traditions ever. 

14. Where would you like to go? 
I miss international travel so much (wrote about my travels here). 
So so so much. 
I want to go to Europe with Adam again 
and take the kids to Africa to visit Amanda again
I just need someone to invent a 15-hour [safe] tranquilizer for the kids for that African flight. 

15. Do you own slippers? 
LL Bean Wicked Good Moccasins. 
I prefer going barefoot (inside and out), 
but we like to keep our house at Arctic temperatures in the winter, 
and we have cold hardwood floors, 
so getting out of bed in the morning absolutely requires slippers 
otherwise I would just plain never get out of a bed. 

16. Can you whistle? 
No, not a bit. 

17. Last thing that made you laugh? 
Aaron was up on his "snow mountain" and tried to get down. 
He wiped out and slid down on his butt. 
He was fine, 
but I'm not sure he appreciated how much I laughed. 

18. What's your favorite animal? 
A miniature Yorkshire Terrier. 
My only pet ever, "Muffin" was our little 7 lbs mini Yorkie 
and she loved me more than anyone in the entire world. 
She died when I was in highschool, 
and even though I never ever want pets, 
I always swoon over mini Yorkies. 

19. Worst pain? 
Labor contractions, 
followed shortly by the shooting pains of the stomach bugs. 

20. Do you like to dance? 
I'm not good at it so it's not fun for me. 
I just feel stupid. 


  1. (1) You don't have any jewelry besides your wedding ring?! I cannot wrap my brain around this. I pretty much don't leave the house without earrings, even if they are very small studs. I feel naked without them! Mind blown.
    (2) You don't EVER want pets?! Not even a dog for the boys?? Mind is once again blown (although I do fantasize about not having our dogs one day because they are just 2 more things to take care of at the moment).
    (3) I had this super random dream last night that Adam's mom, your mom, and one of your grandmothers brought Oliver down to Dallas to visit... they weren't visiting me, but we were at the same restaurant with my mom and sister. All I remember is that Oliver was huge... chunky and also very tall for a baby, ha!

  2. I am also shocked you don't own any jewelry! This was super fun, and I will be stealing soon!

  3. 7) Add me to the list of people who are SHOCKED you own no jewellery besides your wedding ring. I don't know whether I should be impressed or start sending you necklaces :)

    9) That's so cool that your boss/work figured out a great solution. I don't know why I find it so surprising but that is really amazing.

    11) I wish I loved water. I wonder if there's a "water gene" I'm lacking.

    I'm so glad you did this. It was fun to read your answers!