Tuesday, March 28, 2017

4 people

Ever see something you want to participate in, 
but don't for one reason or another, 
yet you think about for long after? 

You would think I'm talking about something important 
like the Ice Bucket challenge, 
but no. 

Some time back - a year? 2 years? - everyone on Facebook was selecting 4 celebrities or characters who represented them. 
I was fascinated by this but also had NO IDEA who I would select. 

All this time later, and I have it! 
Let me introduce my cast: 

Mindy Kaling, the person

Both of her books are just ME ME ME. 
I read her second book in December 2015, 
but let me relive some of the quotes that just scream "me." 

"When you meet me, 
within the first five minutes I have loudly explained my whole deal to you. 
With the exception of an auctioneer and maybe Kris Jenner, 
there is no one in the world less mysterious than me" 

"I want him to think I have a carefree personality, which is a lie. 
I have a very anxious, argumentative personality.

"Attending the White House correspondents dinner 
as a guest of the New Yorker was a dream realized, 
especially since none of the editors touched any of the rolls in our artisan bread basket,
 which meant I could have at 'em. 
While I chewed on my eleventh brioche rolls...

Claire Dunphy from Modern Family. 

There are countless episodes where Adam gives  me the side-eye of: 
"That is soooooo you." 
Claire runs 3 miles every morning. 
Claire has a pinterest board called "Organization Porn." 
Claire is always go-go-go. 
Also, her marriage to Phil? 
It's basically me and Adam.  
This exact scenario and exchange would absolutely take place in our house 
1) I would seriously care if my containers & lids were not matching. 
2) Adam would absolutely make a joke out of my caring. 

Claire is an control freak, perfectionist who says exactly what she thinks. 
That's me!

Monica Geller from Friends. 

Monica is an OCD clean freak. 
I have said to Adam, on numerous occasions, 
"I need you to clean up the kitchen. TO MY STANDARDS.

Everything is perfect and in it's place. 
I don't know how the hell Monica lived with Rachel, 
because I sure as shit would never. 
And Monica loves to cook (and eat), 
which is basically me. 

Joanne from Rent. 

Excerpt from "Take me or leave me" : 

I look before I leap
I love margins and discipline
I make lists in my sleep,
What's my sin?
Never quit
I follow through
I hate mess but I love you
What do with my impromptu baby?
So be wise 'cause this girl satisfies
You got a prize but don't compromise
Your one lucky baby

This is not saying that Adam is Maureen. 
But like, he is messy. 
But I do love him. 


  1. Ha ha I would probably use all 4 of these to describe myself, too! Also, I am obsessed with the soundtrack from "Rent" - specifically the movie soundtrack- so now it is going to be in my head the rest of the day, which I'm ok with!

  2. The reason I never did this is because I couldn't think of anyone, other than Monica, that represents me! And Dave is TOTALLY Chandler, so we mix well :)