Thursday, March 23, 2017

Aaron is 4

Aaron turns 4 today
and in celebration of his new age, 
here are some random facts about Aaron: 


He is obsessed with wearing his storm trooper outfit from Halloween, 
usually with a superhero mask and cape. 
This poor outfit is falling apart 
(it was only $9 from Target) 
and I fear it will not last much longer. 


He spends 2 hours playing "quietly" in his room every day.  
(It's quiet only if he's reading books to himself. 
It's NOT quiet if he's playing pretend.)
He rarely ever naps, 
but once every few months I catch him snoozing, 
and must document with a picture every time. 

(Note the costume mentioned above). 


As you can see above, he still love to read. 
He'll sit in his Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair, just flipping through books. 

Now that Oliver goes to bed at 6:30pm, 
it gives Aaron and me a solid 30 minutes of reading time alone together. 
He brings a pile of books into our bed and we just lie there
 reading one after another after another. 

I already have visions of reading the new illustrated Harry Potter books to him. 
And am already squealing in delight. 


He will "adopt" himself into other families. 
At the library, he'll con another mom into reading a book while I chase after Oliver 
(and he'll inch up onto her lap and rest on her chest while she does!). 
At the trampoline park, he'll ask other parents to throw him into the foam. 
At the pool, he'll join in a family tossing around a ball. 
He has no concept that these parents have their own kids to watch, 
he just wants to be involved.


Truthfully, he just wants to be involved with anything 
(very common at this age.) 
If I'm cooking, he's right there with me, 
apron on, stepstool up, and ready to help. 
When the contractors are gutting our bathroom and hall, 
he's right there with them. 
Tool-belt, tools, and even fetching his snow mittens so he could wear "gloves" like the contractors were wearing gloves. 


He's a really, really, really good big brother. 
He has never ever once done anything malicious towards Oliver. 
Of course there are plenty of accidents 
and collateral damage that happens at playtime. 

For example, Aaron will play "golf" with any objects, 
and in this case was whacking a plastic egg with a broom, 
and accidentally whacked Oliver in the head. 
And when Oliver cries, Aaron immediately knows what he has done wrong. 

He's also surprisingly good at sharing even his most precious possession (FOOD), 
and I'm always waiting for this generosity to come to a screeching halt.

Sharing a lollipop at Wegmans


He does not like anyone to stay mad at him. 
(Further proving he is an "F" on the Myers-Briggs scale). 

After any tantrum 
or when he's done something bad
 (see above: whacking Oliver in the head), 
he comes to us with sad eyes and outstretched arms for a hug. 
He will sit in our laps as we wrap our arms around him, 
resting in the assurance that all is forgiven. 
And he'll stay there for quite some time until he is positive all the bad is gone. 

And even though he still can throw an epic temper tantrum, 
these moments after are just pure gold. 


His stories. 
It's impossible to document these stories in writing; 
they must be heard. 
He loves to tell us stories about him and Monkey
And they are lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggg stories. 
Like a solid 15 minute narrative. 
He doesn't even stop to take a breath, 
just plows through breathing with a "GASP" as he continues on. 


Speaking of Monkey, Aaron lives vicariously through Monkey
Anything Aaron has done, Monkey has done. 
Anything Aaron wants to do, Monkey gets to do. 
Any lesson he learns, Monkey learns it too.


After Aaron shared his granola bar with Oliver 
and I had to fish it out of Oliver's mouth...
"Aaron, please don't share food with Oliver unless you ask Mommy first."

"Last week, Monkey gave Footprint [stuffed dog] a piece of cashew and he didn't ask me first and Footprint was allergic to cashews and Monkey and I had to take Footprint to the hospital because he got sick and I told Monkey he always has to ask me before giving Footprint any food and then yesterday Monkey asked me if he could give Footprint strawberries and I said YES." 
(all said in one breath


His brain just has this way of figuring out the world, 
and this has always been my favorite of children in this age. 
I love watching their brain figure out what's going on. 

For example: 
We're driving in the car and he frantically shouts, 
"Mommy, look!  I see the world!  The Florida world!" 

He thinks that one of the stars in the sky is the "Florida world" 
because we flew on an airplane through the sky to Florida. 
Thus Florida is another world in the sky. 

I love it so much and I never ever ever want this innocence to end! 
[insert sobbing emoji]

I love my Aaron Barry Cole. 
Can he stay like this forever please?


  1. I love all of this! And I do love this age at the moment... the long-winded run-on sentences with no breaths are one of my favorite parts, especially if a little stuttering is involved because they're so excited that they can't get the words out fast enough ("and then, and then, and then we all went to the park", etc.). Happy birthday, Aaron, and happy mom-iversary to you, Emily!

  2. Happy Birthday Aaron!!! I loved reading this post all about him. Some of these things brought back such sweet memories of when Sam was that age. I love hearing about the relationship between him and Oliver because that's one of my favourite things about being a mom is watching my kids love each other.

    And as Amanda said above, Happy Mom-iversary to you! Since Sam's birthday is next week, I've been thinking a lot about this time, eight years ago, as I waited to see what motherhood would be like.

  3. Happy birthday! What sweet stories and memories.