Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Chores : 
When I think chores, I think of the "cleaning products" variety. 
Scrubbing the toilets. 

Oliver and the "cleaning supplies" 

Before I dive into my current ideas on chores, 
I need to give a background on my experience with chores as a kid. 


My mother had a philosophy that her job as a mother was to make us kids ready for the real world via self-sufficiency and knowledge. 
One of her ways to implement this responsibility was through a weekly chore chart, 
where the chores had to be done every day, no negotiations. 
And it wasn't just "take out the trash." 

A week of chores
- Sinks, counters, mirrors (3 bathrooms)
- Toilets 
- Shower & tub (2 bathrooms)
- Mop kitchen floor 
- Mop bathroom floors
- Vacuum upstairs (4 rooms + hall)
- Vacuum downstairs (3 rooms)
- Dust upstairs 
- Dust downstairs 
- Empty all trashcans (bedrooms, bathrooms, etc) 

(There were more I can't remember. 
Usually there was 2-3 items per day.)

Oh, and on top of the above, 
I was also responsible for the laundry for the entire family. 
(Laundry was - and still is - the only chore I liked.)

Since I am 7 and 12 years older than my sisters, 
there wasn't any chore-splitting. 
It was all me. 

Year later, by the time my youngest sister came around, 
my mom eased up the chore chart 
and started either helping out, 
or eliminating chores based on busy schedules. 
I never had that luxury. 
Sometimes it sucks to be the oldest. 


My current thoughts on ME doing chores

I have put in enough time doing these as a child and I'm DONE. 

I don't sterilize my bathrooms. 
I don't mop. 
I don't vacuum. 
I don't dust. 

Long ago, Adam and I hired a cleaning lady* 
and it was, hands down,
the best decision of our marriage

Originally she came once a month, 
but when Adam graduated law school and started at Big Law Firm World, 
she moved to every other week, 
which is perfect. 

To let you know how serious I am about never doing these chores again, 
I will discontinue all TV services (cable, Netflix, etc) before I get rid of our cleaning lady. 

Now, to be clear, I love an organized clean house. 
I love to tidy up my house
and will often use the term "cleaning" my house 
but trust me, there are ZERO cleaning products involved. 

*My cleaning lady prefers I refer to her as "The Domestic Goddess" 
and I sure as hell will refer to her by ANY NAME she wants because she is THE BEST EVER. 
She has cleaned for Adam's mother since he was in junior high, she's hilarious, and I LOVE HER SO MUCH. 


Generally Thoughts on Kids Doing Chores

Chores teach children responsibility. 
The difference between my mother and I is the quantity of chores. 
Right now, I'm thinking about 20 minutes a day max. 

I do want my boys to know how to clean a bathroom, 
and vacuum the floor. 
I do not want those idiot children in college who are all: 
"Nah, dude, I've never turned on a vacuum before." 
(forehead slap)

But I haven't figured out how that will work. 
Maybe I'll make the boys clean the bathroom on odd weeks when the cleaning lady isn't here 
(I'm sure they'll get it plenty gross in between; they are boys afterall). 
Who knows. 
Future Mom problem. 


Does Aaron Do Chores?

Well, uh, no. 
But he should! 
And I really need to get on that! 

I touched on this briefly in my "Kids and Money" post 
and referenced this Montessori chart here.
Kids should start doing chores EARLY. 

And according to this chart here
we are already 2 years behind. 

I want to set up a little chore chart 
(oh no, oh no, I am already sounding like my mother...
where he gets a sticker for everything he does every day. 
And if he does all the things, 
he can have 10 minutes of iPad time at the end of the day 
(a specialty since iPads are only reserved for doctor's offices and airplanes)

Example daily chore chart: 
- Make bed 
- Throw dirty clothes in hamper 
- Take food dishes to the counter 
- pick up toys
- ???????????

What else? 

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  1. I had very few "chores" as a child so it's kind of amazing I turned out to be as responsible as I am, ha! I think being the youngest of 4 (shared with Allison, of course) made us more self-sufficient, maybe? We had to make our beds, clean our rooms, etc. and I think we started doing laundry when we were 8 or 9, but I didn't have any cleaning jobs or anything. Anyway, all that to say, our current "chores" for the twins are similarly limited, so you're not alone- the big struggle for me will be to let go of my perfectionism enough to let them help, ha!