Thursday, March 9, 2017

Halo Top Rankings

After the seriousness of Tuesday's post, 
I thought I'd dive into the most shallow topic ever. 

I've never been an ice cream person. 
I like it and all, 
but I rarely craved it (except pregnant), 
hardly ever ate it, 
and never ever stocked it in my freezer. 

For one thing, most ice cream is too caloric. 
For another, the taste is "ok" but never blew me away. 
Even my favorite cookies n' cream is a hit or miss. 
So why waste calories on something I found to be "ok"? 

Then someone posted on snapchat about Halo Top 
(not sponsored; Halo Top people have no idea I exist). 
And I thought: "Eh, I'll give it a shot." 
I was skeptical but... 



Now I buy a pint a week, 
eat 1/2 cup during the week at naptimes, 
and it's my daily fun treat. 

For shits and giggles, I put together a ranking of Halo Top categories. 

Better Than It's "Regular Counterpart" Top 3 Flavors

1. Sea Salt Caramel 

Pure perfection. 
Better than any ice cream I've ever had ANYWHERE. 
Perfect flavor. 
Smooth consistency. 
And softens easier than all other flavors 

(I prefer my ice cream near mush; 
I usually stick my bowl in the microwave for 5-10 seconds)

2. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 

Normally the only good part of cookie dough ice cream is the actual dough, 
while the rest is sort of a "blah" flavor. 
This is totally different because the ice cream is loaded with flavor, 
and then the cookie dough just becomes a delightful bonus on top. 
Also, I don't like chocolate chips in ice cream, and this has none. 
I truly don't know how they call it "chocolate chip cookie dough" 
because I've never discovered a chocolate chip!

3. Strawberry. 

I love a strawberry milkshake, 
and this reminds me of all the perfection of a milkshake just in ice cream form. 

It's Good But I've Had Better

Peanut Butter Cup. 

It's good and all, but "regular" peanut butter cup ice cream is better. 
The flavor is decent, but I miss the giant chunks of peanut butter. 

Birthday Cake. 

A bit too sweet, although it grew on me over time. 
And I wasn't crazy about the confetti in it. 

Oatmeal Cookie. 

The actual flavor of the ice cream was outstanding, 
but I hated the chewy oatmeal cookie "pieces" 
that tasted like stale bread crumbs. 


Cookies N Cream 

This is not true cookies n cream ice cream. 
At all. 
It has no cookie chunks, 
and instead is just a speckled BROWN mess of tasteless blah. 
I threw out the rest. 

Haven't Tried

Vanilla - although I would have high hopes for this. 

Chocolate - same high hopes. 

Lemon - I don't like lemon. 

Mint Chip - I hate mint. 

Chocolate Mocha Chip - I hate coffee. 

S'mores - I hate marshmallow. 

Pistachio - I like the actual nut, but not the flavor. 

Chocolate Almond Crunch - I don't like almonds. 

Black Cherry and Red Velvet - both of these sound good, 
but I was warned the "pieces" are chewy like the oatmeal one 
so I decided to forgo the $5.99 to find out. 


  1. I will totally have to try this!! Chocolate chip cookie dough is my favorite so I'm glad to hear it's worth trying... thanks for the review, shallow or not! :)