Thursday, March 30, 2017

Incoherent Ramblings

Recently, I've been wanting to just write
Not read. 
But not about anything in particular. 
So this is an incoherent post about nothing. 
Move along. 

I've been loving the "Question A Day" journal that Amanda suggested, 
and I only wish there was more I could write on it. 

I have about 10 blogposts in some stage of being written. 
My time study post is ready to go, 
although so enormous it needs to be broken into 3 different parts. 
(Update: Posted here)
I have posts reflecting on SAHM-hood (almost a year in!) 
as well as posts about our new house (lots of before-and-after shots). 
As Oliver nears age 1, I want to touch on some reflections of the year: 
- Oliver vs Aaron: year 1 
- ME postpartum 1 year
- New products I bought for Baby #2 (Update: posted here)
- Just like I did with Aaron, a post on my experience breastfeeding Oliver
(experience still in progress with no sign of quitting except the damn biting). 

Since March started, life has just felt busy
We had two weeks of living under construction while our hall and bath were renovated. 
The renovations ended at 5pm the day before Aaron's 4th birthday party. 
(Talk about stress!) 

Aaron's "big" present this birthday was a Micro Maxi scooter, 
which he is slowly getting the hang of. 

Originally we were going to give him his first real bike, 
but decided against it. 
90% we go walking, it's just me and the boys (since Adam works so late). 
Meaning I have to push Oliver AND watch Aaron. 
We live on relatively quiet streets, 
but there's just enough cars that I don't want him riding in the street just yet. 
So whatever he has to be on, needs to be on the sidewalk in front of me pushing Oliver, 
and a scooter just made so much more sense.

He also got a Spider-man costume which he wears EVERYWHERE. 
(A great replacement for the Storm Trooper that was disintegrating.) 

Oh, and after my Chore post, we officially implemented the Chore Chart. 
We tried doing it with just X-ing with a marker, 
but he wasn't interested. 
I switched to putting on stickers and now he LOVES IT. 
He runs to it every morning to see what he has to do, 
and is very excited to put a sticker on the square. 

(I made his chore chart using excel and clipart. No graphic awards here.) 

We decided on the following:

1.  PJs in the hamper 

2. Pull-up in the trash 
(another blog post idea: night-time potty training! or the lack thereof

3. Make bed. 

4. Brush teeth before nap 
(mentioned before how we kept forgetting this

5. Day clothes in the hamper 

6. Brush teeth before bed 

If all 6 items have stickers at the end of the day, he can have 10 minutes iPad. 

What else? 

I run the Hot Chocolate 15K this weekend. 
It's not my favorite course (up-and-back the Schuylkill river) 
plus adding in the miserable weather (30s-50s), 
and I'm not looking forward to it. 

The good news is that with all this running, 
I'm about 3 lbs off my pre-baby weight, 
which is still about 7 lbs higher than my "comfort" weight (size 6). 
So a solid 10 lbs left to go. 
Would love to see a size 6 by the summer!!! 


  1. I am excited for all your upcoming posts. We still don't have chores for our kids eek and I am thinking we should!!! Good luck in the race!!

  2. I love the chore chart- those are all very feasible for the twins so I might have to copy this. Also, Clara woke up with a dry pull-up last night so that was pretty exciting! I fully expect it not to happen again, but still, I know you can appreciate my enthusiasm over this development. Also, I love that your kid also enjoys hanging around and doing normal activities in costume... such a fun age!

    Oh, and last thought, we are getting the twins bikes for their birthday! We live at the end of a cul-de-sac, so we have that in our favor.