Monday, April 3, 2017

168 Hours: A Time Study Preparation

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to do a time study on myself. 
Except I had no idea how to do a time study, 
and google was absolutely no help. 

Then a blogger (I forget who- gah!) mentioned the book 168 Hours. 
Perfect timing! 

I already touched on this book briefly in my February reads
but let me expand on that here.  

My actual review of the book is very mixed. 

The good...
On one hand she does a great job of teaching one how to track, 
and revise your schedule. 
She also makes a great suggestion about listing out things you want 
and being honest about things you hate.
It's a good self-check on priorities. 

The bad...
However, aside from her observations on TV watching 
(which, in my mind, are spot on), 
I disagree with the VAST amount of her conclusions. 

Small example:  

"Send your kids to school with lunch money is a time saver over packing lunch, 
and the nutrition benefits are the same" 

She also believes we should just stop cleaning our homes 
and as someone who really values a clean home, 
this is downright repulsive. 

Lastly, her outsourcing ideas are quite over-the-top 
(and also unrealistic for most people on limited income). 
So I can't actually say I'd recommend this book because I can't get behind the vast majority of her thought process. 

But that disclaimer aside, the methodology in the book for tracking
 and evaluating one's time is extremely helpful!


The Steps:

1. Log your time (her spreadsheet at is perfect), 
and then categorize your time to see where you spend it every week

2. Make a list of 100 things you want to do with your time/life 

3. Identify what you are good at (and enjoy) and what you hate/bad at 

4. Start with a blank slate. 

5. Start by filling your time back up with your 100 dreams 

6. Ignore, minimize, or outsource that you hate or are bad at 

7. Fill bits of time (10-30 min increments) with bits of joy, 
or stepping stones to your 100 dreams.

8. Tune up as necessary


My Time Study (Coming Soon!)

Turns out, I LOVE doing a time study on myself. 
I found it absolutely fascinating to see where I spent my time, 
and a little unnerving, too. 
Like, I spend how much time cleaning the house? 

I tracked my time over 3 separate weeks, 
and then cataloged it all in an excel sheet. 
I'm going to publish one week per post, 
and then my analysis of that week. 


Week 1 Post is here
Week 2 Post is here
Week 3 Post is here


  1. I'm sad my library doesn't carry this book but maybe that's okay because my take away is that, to save time, you have to be rich! Ha!

    I'm looking forward to reading about your real-life experiences.

    And this just confirms that I read so much because we don't have a TV. Except on weeks when I borrow Gilmore Girls from the library and then I get nothing read. Ha!

  2. This is super interesting but also super overwhelming to me, and based on the annoying parts you mention (I'm never a fan of one-size-fits-all approaches when people's circumstances are obviously vastly different!), I doubt I'll actually read the book and do the study, but I can't wait to hear about yours, ha!