Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Baby Products for Baby #2

Baby #2 generally inherits all of Baby #1's products, 
so there isn't a lot to buy. 

Therefore, I'm always fascinated to see what people buy for the 2nd (or 3rd, 4th) baby, 
since this time I consider the buying to be "experienced buying" 
versus "frantic new parent buying." 

Additionally, by the time 2nd/3rd/4th baby comes around, 
the parent has a better sense of what kind of parent they are. 
For example, during my first pregnancy, I put a lot of research into strollers. 
Turns out, I almost never use a stroller. 
Certainly never with an infant, and very rarely with a toddler. 

Buying for Oliver meant I could invest in things I would actually use
Thus, in order, are my favorites: 

1. Solly wrap. 

I am a babywearing mama, 
not a carseat-and-stroller mama. 
I like having my hands free and both my babies have preferred it. 
With Aaron I used the moby. 
It was hot and ugly, but it did the job. 
With Oliver, I splurged for a Solly. 
And the angels sang. 
It is pretty, lightweight, and breathable. 
I wore it all summer and received many compliments on it. 
And when Oliver graduated to the soft-shell babycarrier, 
a friend borrowed my Solly and her baby lived in it for months. 

2. High-End Car Seats. 

This falls under "why didn't we just buy this for Baby #1???" regret. 
When Oliver needed out of his babyseat, 
our option was to buy another of the Graco/Britax variety OR... 
go big
We went big. 
We bought the super-all-raving Diono Radian RXT for Aaron
and luxurious Clek Fllo for Oliver. 

These two were the winners because (in order): 

1. Rear-facing: Diono up to 45 lbs, Clek up to 50 lbs!!!! 

2. Skinny: These seats are among the few on the market that fit 3 across in standard cars. 
Now, Oliver sits in the middle next to Aaron, 
and we have a whole seat free in the back. 

3. Life-span: Because Clek and Diono are made of metal, they have 9-year life. 
The Graco/Britax models are all plastic which means they have a 6-year life. 
If Oliver was our last planned baby, a 6-year life would be sufficient. 
But assuming our reproductive health remains the same, 
hopefully we'll have a third baby someday who will be advancing through these car seats.

Additionally, Adam raves over and over and over how awesome these seats are to install and adjust. I can't speak to this, but Adam has been installing/adjusting Graco/Britax seats for 4 years and he can't say enough good things about Diono/Clek. 

3. Retract-a-Gate

Their website looks like fake crap 
(as in, do I want to give them my credit card number? Nope, I'll use paypal)
but their gates are pure gold. 
Originally discovered via Lucie's List
I now recommend it to anyone with stairs. 

4. Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit

Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit. 
Oliver did not sleep like Aaron did. 
Oliver was a twitchy baby who woke himself very easily. 
We started with the standard SwaddleMes, 
then bought the Halo SwaddleSacks because he still wasn't ready for arms-free. 
At 4 months, Adam declared we couldn't continue the swaddle since he was rolling over. 
Based on a friend's recommendation and middle-of-the-night research, 
and it was perfection. 
Eventually when he outgrew it, we moved to the regular Halo sleepsacks without trouble. 

(Also, I briefly tried the Zippadee-Zip but the fabric would cover his mouth since he slept with his arms up, so that only lasted one nap and done!)

5. Reusable nursing pads. 

I'm not a leaker. 
I breastfeed my babies on demand, 
which means when they cry they get fed, 
even if they just nursed 30 minutes ago. 

So generally, I don't have the opportunity to leak. 
However, nighttime is a different issue. 
And sometimes, when baby starts nursing on the left, 
the right boob decides to start going too, 
because apparently my boobs think I have twins. 

I used to wear disposable but they were itchy, 
and the sticky stuff would unstick and fold over on itself. 
And they were annoying. 

I bought a pack of the cheapest possible (NUK from Target - $5) 
and guess what? I love them. 
Maybe for Baby #3 I'll buy nice soft bamboo ones or something. 

But these were plenty enough for me. 

6. Lifefactory glass baby bottles. 
I've blogged before about my hatred of plastic
so I wanted to switch to from our Medela bottles 
to something glass that was still compatible with my Medela pump. 
Lifefactory was the answer and I loved that I could buy sippy caps, 
which was a perfect solution for Oliver's bottle strike. 

Now, full disclaimer, Adam hates these. 
He thinks they are too heavy. 
He is afraid Oliver will break them (hasn't happened yet). 
And generally spends all his time to convince me to switch back to "the poison stuff" 
(as he sarcastically refers to plastic bottles/sippies). 

7. Nose-frida 

Ok, so this I bought because it's one of those crazy raved-about products. 
It was cool for a bit, but really, I just don't use it much. 
It's a pain because I have to take the time to wash it and all every time. 
Technically, you could argue I SHOULD be washing the snot snucker, 
but since it's opaque I pretend not to know how dirty it is inside. 
Judge me, I don't care. 


  1. I bought reusable nursing pads with Sam and they lasted me until I was done. I highly recommend them.

    If you are a walker, I highly recommend the Chariot stroller. (I guess this is more for people who are reading the comments!) I can't say enough about how amazing ours has been.

  2. For me a lot of the changes came from expeience like you said and stuff that came out new. I am also not a stroller mom and had a ton of soft wraps w Trent and found the ergo w drew and it is my fave!! Also switched from a Moses basket to a rock n play with drew bc she had reflux and couldn't lay flat. And yes to the Merlin! Both drew and Paige were/are super twitchy. P is still swaddled but I know we will use the Merlin!! I need to look into those bottles bc I do have some glass medela but they are 8 ounces and P is eating like 3 at most from a bottle. Love this post!

  3. I didn't use most of these so I have no comments EXCEPT that we used the Nose Frida (a) often and (b) for a long time, probably longer than was appropriate, but it was so effective! And for the record, I use "we" loosely as I never did it myself- always Brian, ha!