Friday, April 28, 2017

Books I Read (March-April)

Before we dive into this post, 
I had to share these words of wisdom from a Dove wrapper. 

"Read the Last Page First." 
I'm sure that sends shudders down the spine of any literary expert. 
It cracked me up because if I really can't stand a book, 
before I give up, I'll read the last few pages just to see how it ends. 
I know, I'm a disgrace to the entire literary community. 
I accept it. 

The Opposite of Spoiled 
by Ron Lieber 

I already wrote a lonnngggg post about this book here
Quick summary: 
and I highly recommend any parent read it. 

The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo 
by Amy Schumer 

I didn't love Trainwreck, 
but I love this book. 
Amy has the amazing ability to laugh at herself 
in an uplifting, non-awkward way 
(versus Jessi Klein from my last review
whose book just felt depressing and uncomfortable at times). 
I laughed out loud A LOT. 
It reminded me of Drew Barrymore's autobiography in that even when bad shit happens, she describes it all in a way that you feel she came out the winner. 
Also, unlike any comedian I've ever read, 
her ability to switch from hilarious to
 really-very-serious-as-in-not-funny-at-all is outstanding,
 (while in contrast I felt like Amy Poehler's book truly missed the mark on that). 
I think Amy's book may be the favorite celebrity book 
righhhht behind Mindy because Mindy is still my spirit animal. 

Talking As Fast As I Can 
by Lauren Graham

Not a fan. 
I love me some Gilmore Girls, 
but this book is written like Lorelai is talking, 
and while I love Lorelai talking, 
I don't love reading her talking. 
It's like reading ADD talking. 

I ended up skimming a lot of it, 
and honestly sometimes forgot what I was even reading about. 

Also, and I'm sure this was a factor, 
I didn't realize this was NOT renewable at the library 
until 72 hours before it was due, 
so I was rushing to finish it in time to not pay library fines, 
and even though it's short enough to read in 72 hours (for sure!), 
the rush made it less enjoyable. 

One True Loves 
By Taylor Reid Jenkins 

I really liked the storyline of this book; I thought it was very clever. 
As always, her writing is easy and wonderful to read. 
For some reason though, I wasn't as much a fan of this book versus others. 
Usually she keeps me guessing about her twisted outcomes 
but I felt like this one was fairly predictable 
and, even though her books have a hefty whiff of a good fairy tale, 
this one wrapped up a little too perfectly, 
as in a little "ok yeah sure" eye roll. 

Everyone Worth Knowing 
By Lauren Weisberger

First part: slowwwwww. 
Second part: oh crap, this is just like Devil Wears Prada all over again. 
Is she going to betray her life and lose everyone just like Andy?
Third part: Hmm seems not. Def getting better.
Fourth part: yes, really love this book!

While this book is missing the saturated sarcasm of The Devil Wears Prada, 
I think I like the characters herein better than those. 
I like the best friend. 
I like the love interest. 
I love the side characters. 

So overall, yes I would recommmend! 

Run Fast. Eat Slow. 
by Shalane Flanagan & Elyse Kopecky

First and foremost, yes this is a cookbook. 
BUT the reason I put it on here is because I "learned" from it as I would from any other educational book. 
The idea is that "real food" (butter, fresh meats, etc) does more for your body 
and training (whether it be running, swimming, or hell, just living) 
than protein bars, gels, and other disgusting things that athletes eat. 
The book has a huge section that breaks down the health benefits from anything
From grass-fed cow butter to full-fat Greek yogurt to, well, anything!
It inspired me to up my butter game 
(I've already been using kerrygold grass-fed butter for spreads but now I'm buying it for recipes too) 
and also to explore the world of full-fat Greek yogurt (nearly impossible to find!!!) 
where I found Fage and have fallen in love. 

I always came away with a few recipes that I - and the boys! - love, 
like superhero muffins and blueberry cornmeal scones. 

Dark Matter 
By Blake Crouch 

I was skeptical about this "sci-fi thriller" because I'm not big on sci-fi or thrillers. 
But enough people (like Natasha) liked it so I decided to give it a shot. 
It was definitely good. 
It felt a little reminiscent of a recent popular movie 
(I won't say what, because it gives it away), 
but I was surprised by the ending so overall a cool book. 
It also fit the category of "not too girly so I can recommend it to Adam", 
which very few of my books do since I'm a lame connoisseur chick lit. 

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  1. I still have "The Opposite of Spoiled" on my TBR pile and since it's due next Thursday, and I've renewed it as much as I can, I HAVE TO read it soon.

    I'm curious what popular movie "Dark Matter" reminded you of...? Obviously, I don't see enough movies :)

    And I often read the ending before I get there (like 100 pages into a book or so). It helps me appreciate the rest of the book more, most of the time. Although sometimes, like with Dark Matter, it doesn't make much of a difference because it's still confusing. My best friend does this too and one of my blog friends who is also an avid reader.