Monday, April 17, 2017

Oliver is 1

Oliver is 1 years old today! 

365 days ago, Oliver was born on a Sunday night. 
Which, as big of a milestone as this is, 
I can't help but realize it's been 367 days since I last worked. 
367 days since sitting in my open office cubicle of death light
367 days since I had to pack lunch for work, 
commute down the great expanse of highways, 
and pretend to be paying attention when really I was dreaming of maternity leave. 

ANYWAY, back to the subject of this post: 

Oliver is 1! 

And a few things about this 1 year old man:

He's BIG 
An informal bathroom scale measured him at 25.8 lbs. 
I can't wait to see what the doctor says at his 1 yr checkup this Friday. 
He is full of chubby deliciousness, 
and I love it so very much. 

Very Curious 
I can't remember how he is compared to Aaron, 
but I imagine it must be similar for most babies this age. 
New sounds, new people, new anything, 
Oliver will twist/crane/contort his whole self to investigate. 
We had painters here over the weekend, 
and every time they ripped their painting tape, 
Oliver was scampering to investigate the noise. 

Still my introvert baby
He generally hates parties. 
He generally hates lots of people. 
I'd say about 50/50 hatred/tolerance for the social world. 
He just wants to chill quietly in his little space. 
He doesn't smile or wave at people in the store. 
No, he stares them down with a judgmental look of disgust. 

And yet, Adam talked me into throwing him a 1st birthday party this weekend, 
so LOL we'll see how that goes. 

Still my Velcro Baby
Yes, he will occasionally accept other individuals. 
He [finally] smiles for Adam. 
But Mommy is pretty much the be-all-end-all of his world. 
And I'm still okay with that. 

Good sleeper now
At his 9 month visit, I asked the pediatrician: 
"Will this kid ever stop waking up?  My first son slept 11 hours at 6 months!" 
To which the pediatrician replied: 
"We don't condone cry-it-out until babies are past 6 months, 
but at this point, if you want him to stop waking up, 
you're going to need to turn off the monitor." 
So I did. 
That night he woke up at 4am and I turned off the monitor. 
Next night? 
He slept 11 hours. 
And he continues to sleep 11 hours every night since. 

Better at reading. 
As parents we had seriously slacked on reading
and I made a conscious effort to change that. 
At first he would swat away the books, 
but now is better. 
In fact, he sits GREAT for Adam, often for multiple books. 
I think for me he just wants to get to the good part [nursing]. 

Breastfeeding still going strong
Had a brief blip where he started this nasty "chewing" habit 
but a visit to a Lactation Consultant fixed that. 
Imagine taking a 11.5 month old baby to a Lactation Consultant!!!
Seriously, just laughable. 
I have a breastfeeding post that's 90% written, 
to tell the story of breastfeeding baby #2. 

Naps for 1 hour 15 minutes, twice a day at 9:30am and 1:30pm.
Still morning and afternoon nap (with exceptions noted below). 
I know some kids drop this right after they turned 1 (Aaron) 
and some kids keep it up until they are nearly 2. 
I am looking forward to dropping that morning nap 
to both free up our schedule, 
and get a longer afternoon nap. 

Still not close to walking. 
No way. 
Aaron walked at 14 months. 
Adam walked at 18 months (lazy baby). 
I expect Oliver to be on his daddy's timeline. 

More picky than Aaron but eats a ton. 
Obviously, we know by weight alone he's eating plenty. 
But while Aaron ate anything on his plate, 
Oliver has a more critical palate. 
If he doesn't like it, he tosses it overboard with gusto 
and then SCREAMS at you to replace it with something more to his liking. 

He also screams at your if his plate his empty. 
My sister Melissa noted: 
"With Aaron, it was an excited scream for food. 
With Oliver, it's an offensive scream like 
100% true. 

Such a Second Child 
He is certainly accepting his role as a second child. 
Interrupted naps, postponed naps, missed naps... 
all things we would never dream to do with Aaron. 

We thought Oliver might be a quiet child, 
given that Aaron is so loud, 
but it seems Oliver has realized that to be heard in our house, 
you have to be loud. 
He'll interrupt Aaron with shrieks and screams, 
and Aaron meanwhile loses his shit because it was his turn to talk. 
I die laughing. 

Am I sad or emotional about Oliver turning 1? 
I wasn't this way with Aaron either. 
I'm excited for the days ahead
 and the new personality he will develop. 
I won't lie it helps knowing that, 
given our health and reproductive systems remain the same, 
Oliver is not our planned last baby. 
This wonderful baby stage full of snuggling nursing is not my last. 
Thus I can continue to celebrate Oliver getting bigger and bigger, 
without lamenting about losing time before. 
And bigger he is certainly getting!

(All photos brought to you by the TV remote as the bribe for smiling)


  1. Happy birthday, sweet little, er, big boy!! I love the second picture and the fact that you can see his little teeth! I also love that he's sleeping better for you because children are 100 times more tolerable in my book when they sleep well, ha!

  2. How sweet! Can't wait for the breastfeeding post!

  3. Happy Birthday (and two days) Oliver!!! I'm glad you're finally sleeping for your Mommy. And Yes Yes Yes to the second child noisiness. They have to learn to speak up LOUDLY.

    Sam and Rachel didn't walk until they were sixteen months. I didn't care because it was easier if they didn't.