Tuesday, April 25, 2017

One Year Postpartum

It's been one year and a week since Oliver was born. 
I already talked at length about Oliver at age 1
but how am I? 
Oh I'm so glad you asked! 



Let's just start off with the juicy part. 
(The part that everyone cares about.) 
How am I on my weight goal? 

I wrote at length about my weight early in 2015 (post here). 
To recap, I fluctuate a lot in my weight, 
and prefer to measure my weight by sizing rather than poundage. 

My happy size is a size 4, 
which I saw briefly in 2015 thanks to two stomach bugs, 
but then the summertime beer and BBQs hit 
and I inched back up to a size 6. 
Therefore, Size 6 is my official pre-pregnancy size. 

Unlike many blessed women on this earth, 
I do NOT lose weight breastfeeding. 
My body clings to every last fat cell in case I need to breastfeed my child through a zombie apocalypse.  
This added weight is most likely an aid in my breastfeeding journey, 
as I've now successfully breastfed/pump two babies past a year. 
However, as happy as I am to breastfeed, 
I'd love to do so not looking like Jabba the Hut. 

Moving on.

The first months postpartum, 
I was around a size 10-12, 
then slowly inched down to an 8, 
and just this past month got to size 6. 
I'm only 3 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight on the scale, 
so I'm not QUITE at my goal, 
but 3 lbs is pretttyyyy close. 

Now my goal is to inch back down to a size 4. 
We'll see. 

Most recent photo of me (from Oliver's bday party Saturday)

From 1 to 2 Kids

Overall, I felt that going from 1 to 2 kids was relatively easy. 

I had friends who made it sound like a horrible, overwhelming experience, 
some so traumatized that they swore off future children. 

For me, not so. 
Perhaps it was because of the 3-year-age difference between Aaron and Oliver, 
but it wasn't a terrible adjustment adding a second. 
At age 3, Aaron was fairly independent, 
fully potty trained, 
and had no attention issues with a second child. 

To this day, it's not hard for me to tote around 2 kids. 
Yes, it is EASIER with 1. 
Like overwhelmingly easier, 
but it's not so difficult with 2 that I stay housebound. 

One of my most favorite recent photos.  I call it the "Brother Choke-Hug"


With Aaron I had very mild postpartum anxiety. 
I'd wake up with nightmares that someone was stealing my child out of his crib. 
I had virtually no postpartum anxiety with Oliver... until we moved
Then the anxiety hit pretty hard, 
as in full blown insomnia anxiety. 
I wrote a bit about that here

I didn't end up seeing anyone, 
although I probably should have. 
Eventually it went away. 
I'd say there were three things that helped it pass: 

1. We got a security system for our house.

2. In November, Adam's had two separate surgeries for carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel, 
which meant he wasn't working crazy hours during recovery. 
Having him home at night definitely helped. 

3. Time. 
It took time for me to adjust to our house and for it to feel like "home." 
Once I adjusted to the noises of our new home and neighborhood, 
I felt more relaxed. 
Plus, time in general helps postpartum anxiety pass. 


And that wraps up my postpartum analysis, one year later. 
Anything I'm missing?

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  1. So I'd say all in all, you're doing pretty well! I'm sure this happened earlier with the second than the first, but for me, it felt like a fog lifted once the twins turned one and I started to feel like myself again!