Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Time Study (Part 1 of 3)

And here we begin my time study as a SAHM! 
From a statistics/analysis perspective, I find this fascinating. 
I'm sure 99.9% of the world finds this horribly boring. 
My nerdyness knows no bounds. 

(be prepared for information overload)

Time Study: Part 1 of 3 

My first week of time study! 

This week was odd because I started the time study on Thursday, 
and wrapped it back around to the following Wednesday to make "a week." 
Therefore, the catered party for my MIL's 70th birthday which we hosted Saturday afternoon ("Company here") gave us enough food so I didn't have to cook again until the following Wednesday. 
Part of me thought of tossing this week out because it was so odd, 
but the 168 Hours author pointed out that even an odd day/week should be analyzed. 
For example, since I didn't have to cook, what did I spend my time doing instead? 
Did I make good use of that time? 


 (again, full info at bottom of post)

SLEEP: 55 hours

I slept an average of 7.93 hours per night. 
That's pretty good!

LEISURE: 14.5 hours

Of my enjoyable leisure activities, 
I spent 3.5 hours running
2.75 hours blogging
8.25 hours reading

SELF-CARE: 6.5 hours

I spent an average of 30 minutes getting ready every morning
This includes a hot shower and a beauty routine including makeup. 
It also usually includes making the bed and picking Adam's clothes off the floor. 
Given how so many moms out there claim they have no time for self care, 
I'm a little curious how they can't even spare 30 minutes. 

On top of this, I spent 30 minutes on getting waxed and 1.5 hours on nails both on Wednesday (babysitting day!), 
both may fall into leisure but I consider them self-care. 
Just like getting ready with makeup, 
both waxing and getting my nails done boost my self-confidence. 
Plus I wouldn't call getting waxed "relaxing." Er, no. 

Parenting: 20.75 hours

I spend about 2.5 hours/day physically parenting my children 
(nursing Oliver, hanging out, getting them ready, etc). 

I spend about 30 minutes a day (3.5 hours per week) on things I LOVE with them
like reading to them or playing games
Part of me feel likes "only 30 minutes a day??" 
but then the other part of me thinks "3.5 hours a week sounds strong!" 
So I'm torn on this one. 

Adam: 12 hours 

There is one tricky category where I spent 10.25 hours of "TV w Adam." 
Now on one hand, you know I consider TV a total waste of time
 (and so does the 168 Hours author). 
But that's how Adam unwinds after a workday, 
and we enjoy that time in our marriage where we sit on the couch together, 
giving commentary over whatever we're watching. 
This is usually the time of day where things come up like: 
"Oh, I forgot to tell you a funny story about Aaron
or "Oh I talked to my mom today and she said xyz
I think if only Adam watched TV, 
and I was off doing something productive, 
we would miss out on that casual conversing time. 
So while I consider the actual TV watching to be a total waste of time, 
the "togetherness" aspect that Adam and I share over it, 
I think is worth a lot. 

I spent about 1.75 hours (or, 15 minutes a day) actually spending time talking with Adam no TV and no other distractions. 
Some of this may be catching up on the phone or chatting before bed. 
It sounds low, but considering the 10.25 hours above, 
I think it's stronger than it sounds. 

Out of the House: 9.5 hours

I spent 11 hours this week out of the house
mostly on appointments (4 hours), 
but also on shopping, kids activities, errands, etc. 

Socializing: 7.75 hours 

This week socializing was at an all-time high since we hosted a party Saturday afternoon. 
But if you take out the party, I spent 1.5 hours chatting with people besides my husband and children. 
Honestly, I've never felt lonely (I blogged about this here), 
but that number feels low for a crazy extrovert like myself. 

Of course for shopping and kids activities I spent time chatting with people, 
but that's always sort of distracted-half-attention chatting. 
File this under something I'd like to work on! 

Food: 13 hours

As I mentioned before, since I didn't have to cook
my cooking and kitchen cleanup times are super low. 
Only 1 hour of cooking this week and only 1.5 hours cleaning up the kitchen. 
(Trust me these numbers go up in other weeks.) 
My grocery shopping is at 1.75 hours, 
which feels just right given my commute to the Mecca of All Grocery Stores (Wegmans). 

However, I was a little caught off-guard that I spent 8 hours a week, 
just over an hour a day, 
in the act of eating alone
The other weeks were almost 6 and 9 hours, 
so I guess 8 is actually reasonable. 
I suppose this number is high because... children? 

Non-Productive/Little Shit: 16.5 hours

I spent a hefty 16.5 hours on what I consider "non-productive little shit" items. 

This includes 5.25 hours of cleaning up the house, 
which sounds like a lot but in reality its only 45 minutes/day. 
And really, is it worth 45 minutes per day for me to have a near-spotless house? 

Additionally, 7 hours on my laptop doing emails, finances, and other misc items. 
2.5 hours of laundry. 

And almost 2 hours of non-productive time on my phone, 
which is on top of all the time I get on my phone during nursing sessions. 
I don't count the nursing sessions as phone time because the sole purpose is to NURSE, 
but if you add the two together, 
I spent 7 hours a week, or a full 1 hour per day, just on my phone. Ick. 

Odd-ball: 6 hours

There were a few odd-ball items this week, 
like 4 hours of party prep
30 minutes of packing (for our trip to Florida), 
1.5 hours of airport dropoff (for my in-laws flying back to Florida). 

UNKNOWN: 6 hours

There were 6 hours of "UNKNOWN" which probably means something like 
"my kids are playing and I'm zoning out on my phone." 
So if you added this to my phone, I'm at nearly 2 hours a day. 


My cooking was low but my reading was high, 
which tells me I did a good job of filling my new freedom with good stuff
rather than misc shit. 

My non-husband, non-children socializing looks low. 
I'd like to up that number somehow. 
Perhaps with some more standing girlfriend date nights? 
Try to utilize the weekend evenings more. 
This is open to be explored more. 

And like every other person who owns a smartphone, 
my phone usage is too high. 

Overwhelmed, yet? 
Well if you haven't had enough, you can peruse my actual time study below, 
or just hang around for Friday's post of Part 2!


(But first, a key!) 

"Hang w Kids" = this is playing/chatting/chilling with kids, where they actually have my attention as opposed to half-ass parenting 

"Kids ready" = This is anything from getting ready for the day, ready for bed, ready for school, ready to go out, changing diapers from nap, etc. Hell, I spent a lot of time getting my kids READY FOR SHIT. 

"Daycare" = Preschool pickup/dropoff for Aaron.  
Many days Adam does dropoff which cuts down on my time here. 

"Company Here" = Means I'm spending time socializing with people that are not Adam or my kids in my own house.  This can mean anything from chatting it up with our cleaning lady while she cleans, catching up with my sister when she comes to babysit, hanging out with my in-laws when they come to see the kids, etc. 


  1. Very interesting! I, too, consider watching tv with Brian to be time spent with him, so I hear you. Wouldn't it be interesting if you had done one of these prior to having kids? I still cannot fathom what I did with all of my time!

  2. I am now curious to do one of these on myself. I think it would be a little depressing to see how much time I spent "getting kids ready" even though they can do it themselves. It still takes A LOT of prodding.

    Did the author give you the categories or did you choose them yourself?