Friday, April 7, 2017

Time Study (Part 2 of 3)

I see you have ventured back for more stats overload. 
You are brave! 

If you missed it, please read Part 1 from yesterday before proceeding. 
And just as before, full screenshots are at the bottom of this post. 

Time Study: Part 2 of 3! 

Adam was home on Tuesday of this week, 
so the time spent with him was proportionally a little higher than normal. 

Other than that, there's a high amount (5 hours) of insomnia this week, 
where I'm just "lying awake" in bed. 
I address that more under "sleep" below. 

SLEEP: 56.75 hours 

Averaging just over 8 hours per day, 
so clearly I was getting adequate sleep. 

I wonder perhaps if my 5 hours of "lying awake staring at the ceiling" 
was just a matter of going to bed too early so my body didn't need the additional sleep. 

LEISURE: 14.25 hours 

3.75 hours running
1.75 hours at yoga
2.75 hours blogging
and 6 hours reading

I'm pretty happy with those stats! 

SELF CARE: 6 hours 

Once again, I averaged 30 minutes every morning getting ready
with hot shower and a makeup routine. 
And then an average of 15 minutes getting ready for bed at night. 
I already addressed in Part 1 how I feel this is a very important part of the day, 
and I'm a little baffled when moms say they can't make time for themselves. 

PARENTING: 24.25 hours 

Once again, I break this down between physical parenting and enjoyable parenting
I spent 21 hours on physical parenting, 
with nearly 9 hours just getting my kids ready. 
Let me repeat that: 
1 hours 15 minutes a day just getting kids ready
Ready for the day, ready for bed, ready to go out the door, what the hell. 
Why does two miniature humans take so much effort to get ready?!?!?! 

I spent 1.25 hours total, under 15 minutes a day, reading to Aaron. 
This number is low and I don't like it. 
We did spend 2 hours outside thanks to unseasonably warm February. 

Adam: 8 hours

We spent 5.25 hours in the evenings watching TV together 
(for more on that, reference my thoughts back in Part 1) 
and 2.75 hours non-distracted talking (or, you know, other things, ahem). 

Out of the House: 10.25 hours 

Lots of errands (4.75 hours), shopping (3 hours), and kids activities (2.5 hours). 
No church this week because I prioritized "Mommy Night Out" on Saturday night. 
Feel free to judge for me that; I stand by my decision. 

Socializing: 8.5 hours 

This includes that 5 hours of "Mommy Night Out" on Saturday night, 
which my friend and I do once every 3 months or so. 
We each uber to the bar and rack up a hefty bar bill talking about everything under the sun, 
then uber home, crash in bed, and sleep as much as our husbands/children allow. 
It's a great night out and I just wish we could make it happen more often 
(I'm sure ours husbands do not agree.)

Other time includes visiting people and company over. 

Food: 15.5 hours 

I spent 3.25 hours cooking, 
which is much more realistic than the measly 1 hour in Part 1. 
Standard 2 hours grocery shopping at Wegmans, 
almost an hour meal planning, 
one instance of eating out (2 hours), 
1.5 hours of cleaning up the kitchen, 
almost 6 hours of actual eating

These numbers all look normal to me. 
We prioritize healthy eating, 
which inevitably means cooking and food prep times, 
so this I find to be an investment. 

Non-Productive/Little Shit: 18.25 hours

Nearly 4 hours of cleaning up the house
 (again, only 30-45 min a day, which I feel is worth it). 
2.5 hours laundry. 
4 hours of laptop stuffs. 
A little over an hour on my phone (plus add in nursing, nearly 7 hours). 
A surprising 1.25 of me actually watching TV alone (shocker) 
and I know this is me catching up on This Is Us because Adam won't watch it with me. 
And then nearly 5 hours lying awake in bed. 

Unknown: 6.25 hours


This week was a poor week for reading to Aaron, 
just under 15 minutes a day. 
I want this to be more like 30 minutes every day. 

I had nearly 5 hours lying awake in bed, 
which I should have spent reading. 
Reading is much healthier for the brain than just staring at the ceiling, 
willing yourself to sleep (or going over worries/lists). 

Totally overwhelmed yet? 
Part 3 next Tuesday!

Screenshots of Time Study
(Refer Back to Part 1 for a key)

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  1. This sort of reminds me of when the twins were newborns and I was diligently tracking every single thing they did - sleeping, eating, peeing, pooping, etc. Thanks, by the way, for not including bathroom habits on yours, ha!