Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Time Study (Part 3 of 3)

Wow you're really back again? 
You must be a glutton for nerdy stats. 
Thankfully this is the last installment of these lengthy time studies, 
although since I've had so much fun doing it, 
I want to make a yearly habit out of this. 
But perhaps I will spare the blog world in the future. 

Time Study: Part 3 of 3

SLEEP: 55 hours
Just under 8 hours a night. Perfect. 

LEISURE: 10 hours 

3 hours running
2.75 hours blogging
1.75 hours reading
1.25 hours house reorganization
and 1.25 hours massage

First of all, all three weeks I have spent exactly 2.75 hours blogging
so we know that's my standard time there! 
Of course if I was recording my time this week, 
I'd add another 3 hours for these damn time study posts. 

1.75 hours reading is very light this week. 
I didn't read at all before bed, 
and spent much of naptimes doing other things like laptop, blogging, and playing on my phone. 

And I see your raised eyebrow, 
but 1.25 hours house reorganization is leisure
I consider reorganizing to be VASTLY different than house cleanup, 
so please don't confuse the two. 

House reorganizing is completely re-configuring the flow of a particular area or space. 
It may mean totally revamping a closet, 
or purging a toy bin, 
or something that is beyond the normal "pick up and put away." 

SELF CARE: 5.5 hours 

Again the average 30 minutes morning shower and makeup, 
and the average 15 minute in the evenings. 

PARENTING: 24.75 hours 

21.5 hours on physical parenting
including 8.25 on just getting my kids ready to do shit. 
How how how. 

3.25 hours on parenting I love
including 2.75 hours reading to Aaron, 
so a little under 30 minutes a day. 

ADAM: 10.75 hours 

9.25 hours of TV time togetherness, 
and 1.5 hours of uninterrupted talking. 

OUT OF THE HOUSE: 11.75 hours 

Split between kids activities and errands. 
Again, no church. 
(Excuse below)

SOCIALIZING: 13.5 hours

4.75 hours visiting, 
which includes 1.75 hours playdate 
and a 3 hour purge session at my SIL's house on Sunday morning (my church excuse). 
The Sunday morning purge checks off two of my favorite things: 
Socializing and House Reorganizing. 
It was like heaven. 
I so need to start a business. 

Another big chunk of this was the 6 hours on Friday night, 
when my sisters came over and we had "Sister Night" with board games. 
It was such a fun night and we absolutely need to do it more often 
(or at least, it was fun for me and the middle sister, the college student sister may have thought we were super lame, lol). 

FOOD: 18.25 hours 

Very similar splits as Part 2, 
with about 3 hours cooking, 
 9 hours eating, 
and the remaining time spent grocery shopping, 
cleaning up the kitchen, 
meal planning, 

Non-Productive / Little Shit: 15.5 hours 

3.25 hours house cleanup (less than 30 minutes a day!). 
1.75 laundry. 
4.5 hours laptop stuff. 
3 full hours of TV (again, must've caught up on This Is Us). 
and a few other random things, 
including 3 hours lying awake in bed. 

UNKNOWN: 3 hours


While it was a poor week for reading, 
it was a great week in other leisure activities. 
Just like in Part 2, I could have picked up a book during that insomnia time, 
rather than just staring at the ceiling willing myself back to sleep. 

It was a great week for socializing, 
and I'd like to keep that up a little more. 


I had so much fun doing this 
and blogging about this. 

The question of course becomes: 
Now what? 

Well, I know there are areas I want to improve on 
(reading for myself, reading to Aaron, socializing, etc). 
But additionally, I can now answer the question: 
"What do you do all day?" 
With: "Well, I spend 8-9 hours a week getting my kids ready." 
Like wtf is with that. 

Screenshots of Time Study: 
(see key in Part 1) 



  1. It is pretty crazy to imagine one full workday spent getting kids ready for stuff, ha!

  2. So interesting! Mine right now would have a lot of down and dirty parenting. And very little sleep ha!

  3. But what about reading to Oliver?

    1. Very astute observation! We have made an effort to read to Oliver more and it is paying off. However, he only sits for one Sandra Boynton book at a time, which is about a 30 second read. He gets about 3 books a day (before each nap and before bed) which at 1.5 minutes isn't quite registering on my time tracker, haha. But it is being done!