Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Books I Read (May)

Yet another surge of books. 
Almost all of these are from Natasha's IG feed 
or Allena's recommendations. 

The Impossible Fortress
by Jason Rekulak 

I absolutely loved this book. 
I didn't expect to love it but I did. 
I read a quarter over naptime 
and sped-read the remaining that night. 
It's funny, it's simple, and it moves along beautifully. 
Highly recommend! 

Finger Lakes Wine
And the legacy of Dr Konstantine Frank 
By Tom Russ

This is a book that details the history behind the 
Dr Frank winery in the Finger Lakes region of NY. 
I refer to this as the "family winery" since Adam's cousin worked there for a long time 
(he's now a sommelier in NYC) 
and therefore we all get a hefty "friends & family discount." 

The two most fascinating parts of this book are
 1) the family's flee from Russia to Germany to the US during WWII and 
2) a very broad history of wine development in the US. 
The details and drama of the winery are not much interest 
but the overall framework of Dr Frank's impact on American wine is cool. 

Cancel the Wedding 
By Carolyn T Dingman 

I loved this book. 
Just loved it. 
Started it over nap then skipped TV with Adam that night to finish it. 
 A few important notes though: 
1. Don't read the prologue. 
I hate when prologues spoil half the book so I didn't read it until I finished the book. 
I was so glad because I really enjoyed the book unfolding from the main view. 
2. I bawled my eyes out. 
Tears tears tears. 
There is a character named Oliver and it realllllly hit home with my baby. 

Mr Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore 
By Robin Sloan 

Loved this book, too! 
(So many good books this month!)  
Totally unexpected too. 
I thought I was getting a quiet sweet drama about an old bookstore owner 
but instead I found myself so amazed at technology references 
that I had flashbacks to my MBA IT class. 
(Fun fact unrelated to the book: 
the real Hadoop was named because the creator's son had a yellow stuffed elephant called "Hadoop" hence where the logo comes from). 
I loved the storyline, 
loved the ending,
 and loved the epilogue at the end
 (WHY can't all books have such good epilogue???) 

Leave Me 
By Gayle Forman 

Wow wow wow. 
Natasha mentioned how this book spoke to her as a mother 
and I absolutely agree. 
I started it at 9:15pm, 
read halfway, 
then put it away to go to sleep. 

Except I couldn't sleep. 
I lay there thinking about the book. 
So I picked it up and read the last chapter. 

But even that didn't satisfy me so I decided to read it all 
and finished at 12:30am. 
Great book. 
Amazing book for any mom in the trenches. 

by Curtis Littenfeld 

This is the modern version of Pride & Prejudice. 
Let me admit first that I've never read the original Pride & Prejudice book (GASP), 
and have only seen the 2005 Keira Knightley movie
 (which is one of my favorite movies of all time). 
I pictured each character from the 2005 movie, 
from Keirato Donald Sutherland, 
as the characters in the book. 

And I loved it. 
It had the same witty feel, 
all updated for the modern world. 
Replacing dresses with yoga pants 
and balls with BBQs. 
It was perfection...

... all up until the end which I thought was super lame. 
It still followed the original plot, 
but I really hated how they modernized it. 
I also, for the record, hate the Bachelor/Bachelorette TV shows, 
so that probably taints my view here. 

Everything Everything 
by Nicola Yoon

Despite feeling a wee bit predicable, 
I thought this was a really fun book. 
It's one of those books where a chapter may be a paragraph, 
or just an illustration, 
or actually several pages. 
It switches up the story telling 
and keeps it moving along nicely. 
It was my "Memorial Day Lake Read" 
and it fit perfectly. 


  1. Okay, I love your book review posts. I'm glad you liked so many of my recommendations :)

    I am going to get The Impossible Fortress today, I hope! And no matter how many times I check, my library still doesn't carry "Cancel The Wedding." Boo :(

  2. The Keira Knightly P&P is one of my all-time favorite movies too! I have read the book but still LOVE that version - and I haven't watched the Colin Firth miniseries. I started it but thought all the actors were ugly and it ruined it, ha. I was so confused by the prologue in Cancel the Wedding for quite a while, ha. Going to check out a few you recommended!

  3. Also, there's another blog I read - Mix and Match Mama (she's on my sidebar) and she does a monthly book review and reads probably 5-6 books every month. Her suggestions are where I got Cancel the Wedding and Eligible. I don't like some of the stuff she reads but I can always find some good choices and she gets HUNDREDS of comments with more suggestions!