Tuesday, May 23, 2017

How We Eat - Part 1 of 2

I've posted about our meal routines beforehand
but it's truly amazing how much has changed since I became a SAHM 
(almost 1 year ago!). 

We went from 3 mouths to feed, to 4. 

We went from grocery shopping as a family on weekends 
to me grocery shopping with Oliver on Mondays. 

We went from Aaron's daycare providing lunch (our old house) 
to packing his lunch every day (new house). 

I went from packing my breakfast, lunch, and snacks in a lunchbox for work, 
to having easy access to my fridge/pantry at all times. 

I know these changes don't seem dramatic, 
but they have had a huge impact on our food habits and, 
quite honestly, it's taken me many months to find my new routine.
And by many months, I mean I'm just starting to find my groove now!

To avoid a book of a post, 
I'm breaking this into 2 parts. 

Part 1
Food Philosophy
Meal Planning. 
Grocery Shopping. 
Going Out to Eat / Ordering Takeout

Part 2

Food Philosophy:
I've talked about this with my first post on our eating habits. 
We aim for low-processed, homemade food as the base of our diet. 
Additionally, as I've learned more and more about sugar 
(I blogged about watching Fed Up 
and additionally a lecture from the University of California 
about the science of sugar on your brain) 
I've worked even more to reduce our added sugar 
and checking labels for nutritional contents. 

Of course I believe in exceptions. 
I never limit Aaron's food at parties or other people's houses or special occasions. 
It's important to be able to let go and celebrate sometimes!

Meal Planning:
 I've always informally meal planned 
but now it's a very serious effort on Sunday night. 
After lots of templates, I finally settled on this:

I find we all eat very differently for breakfast and lunch, 
but we'll eat it all week. 
Meanwhile, we all eat the same dinner 
but our cooking no longer lasts for multiple nights 
(damn those 4 mouths!).

Grocery shopping: WHERE

We shop almost exclusively at Wegmans. 
In our townhome, this was a 10 minute drive down the road. 
In our new house, this is a risky 20-30 minute drive 
on one of the worst highways in America
I make my once-a-week pilgrimage on Mondays after Oliver's morning nap. 

In between, if we need something urgent (like I miscalculate milk for the week), 
we have two standard grocery stores around the corner 
and a Whole Foods 10 minutes up the road. 

(And no, I don't still use the cart cover.  
That was back when he would spend the whole trip sucking on the cart. Gross)

Grocery shopping: WHAT

Our bill ranges from $225-$300 per week. 
This was quite a sizable jump from our $150/week before. 
Some of it is that 4th mouth. 
Some is that Aaron has a packed lunch now. 
And some is just evolution of eating habits. 
We used to only buy fruits organic 
but now nearly everything (veggies, meats, dairy, seafood) are organic. 
I still won't buy organic bread or cereals.  It just seems silly to me. 

Going Out to Eat / Ordering Takeout: 

We don't. 
Even weekends, we just don't. 

For some people, a $300 grocery bill sounds absurd 
(although for a family of teenage boys, it probably sounds like heaven), 
but you have to remember that 95% of our meals are homecooked. 

The one regular exception... 
On Thursdays my Mother-In-Law usually treats us when we get the kids together to play. 
And usually it's Chick-Fil-A (the Mommy Food Mecca). 

Other than that, we eat all 3 meals at home 
or at someone else's home in the event of parties on the weekends 
(and then usually I'm still bringing a homemade dessert or something). 

Next up: What we ACTUALLY Eat


  1. Is that $300 per week?

    1. Yes. And yes I know what that comes out to annually.

  2. Always interesting to read about this stuff! You will probably be surprised to hear that our MONTHLY grocery budget is $300 and our monthly eating out budget is $200- we mainly get away with that bc Brian's company provides lunch for him and the twins' weekday lunch is included in their tuition. Anyway, looking forward to reading more!

  3. Our weekly grocery bill used to be $300 but my hubby took over after Paige was born and it's been below $200 because he is buying more processed CRAP. I watched Fed Up and That Sugar Film and now that I'm not in full on post-partum hell about to take back over to get all the junk out!