Friday, May 19, 2017

Life Lately

Hey there.

Last I blogged, I talked about my dream Mother's Day

And while Adam executed my plan perfectly, 
both Panera and Dunkin Donuts failed on their end. 

Dunkin Donuts didn't have any brownie-filled or sour cream donuts. 
I could understand the first, 
but who doesn't make sour cream donuts???

Panera completely discontinued the ginseing addition to smoothies. 
Also, I told Adam to get hazelnut cream cheese which does not exist. 
It would've been helpful if the cashier had suggested: 
"Would you like honey walnut instead?" 
which is what I DID want but just said the wrong name. 

So other than Mother's Day, how is life lately? 
We've entered the crazy time of summer schedules 
where every weekend is packed with something. 
A birthday party 
or a BBQ
or a corporate event 
or wedding 
or vacation 
or something
I kind of love it but I also relish a quiet "do nothing" weekend 
...which we probably won't have again until next January. 

Also, Global Warming is real and messed up. 
These weather fluctuations are ridiculous. 
Two weeks ago I was searching clearance racks for long-sleeve shirts 
for a freak cold spell with a high of 45. 
And then yesterday it was a high of 90. 
This is Pennsylvania in May
We should not have a high of 45 nor a high of 90. 
And most importantly, not 2 weeks apart from each other! 

He kept the sunglasses on for 0.2 seconds. 

In other random news, we are embarking on some fun PAINT adventures. 
We* are painting the last 3 rooms in the house: 
Master Bedroom, 
Aaron's Room, 
Guest Room. 

*We = not us. A hired painter. 

We have been indecisive about this for months 
and our bedroom wall reflects our indecision: 

The Master Bedroom will be the giant gray spot in the middle 
(Benjamin Moore: Stonington Gray) 

The guest room will be the green blotch
(Benjamin Moore: Palladian Blue) 

And Aaron's bedroom with be the bottom left and either of the two top.
Some days I like top right better and some days I like top left better. 

In my blogging world...
 - since that's why you are here, to read a blog, 
or perhaps just to stalk me, in which case, I'm totally flattered - 
I have a Part 1 & 2 post next week about how we eat. 

1) I find it fascinating to read the nitty gritty of other people's lives. 
2) I find it fascinating to look back on the evolution of our lives, 
whether it be beauty routines, food routines, etc. 

Also next month marks the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of giving notice to my company. 
Which, in my mind, marks the one year anniversary of my Stay-at-Home-Mom-hood. 
I am planning a series of blog posts to commemorate this anniversary. 
I'll revisit my SAHM goals
my SAHM fears
and my overall thoughts on it. 

It has been a fascinating journey for me switching from Working Mom to SAHM. 
Of course we also threw in a new baby and a move, 
so perhaps a little more eventful than a regular transition. 

Stay tuned! 


  1. Unrelated to all of this, but did I see Adam in a sling in one of your recent IG pics?! Also, that is nuts about your weather. We had a surprisingly pleasant spring but it appears summer has arrived because temps are now in the 90s and humidity is in the 8 million percent range. Boo!

  2. Are you going to do a house tour soon? I can't wait to see it! It's chilly here today - high of 80 but when I took the big kids to school it was in the 60s and Drew was mad I didn't put leggings on her under her dress ha. I did bring her sweater but apparently that wasn't good enough! 4 year olds!!!! Also - about the sleeping in your bed - Drew is the one who comes to our room a lot and I do NOT want her in our bed but also if I walk her back to her room, she'll just come back. So we started keeping a pallet on the floor. I told her she is always welcome in our room but she has to sleep on the pallet. Just come in and lay down QUIETLY. Then we got a couch in our room and moved a pillow and blanket there, and both have worked great. I would say she comes on average 1-2 nights/week and sometimes I don't even hear her. Maybe try that if you want Aaron out of your bed?