Friday, May 12, 2017

My Dream Mother's Day

Because subtle never works...

I sent an email to Adam today titled "Dream Mother's Day" 
and thought I'd share it here for amusement purposes. 

"Let me sleep in or lie in a silent bed ALONE. 
Aaron whisked out of a our room and Oliver doesn't need to nurse.  He'll survive." 

(Aaron has been climbing into our bed for about 2 weeks straight. 
Occasionally I haul him back to his room but most times we are too tired to care. 
We realize this is a problem but until one of us develops middle-of-the-night insomnia, 
neither of us has the energy to do anything about it.) 

"Take both children out to Panera to get a small pack of bagels 
(at least one Asiago cheese, with a hazelnut cream cheese)
 and also a Strawberry Smoothie with Ginseing 
(you have to specifically request the ginseng to be added)."

(And no, I don't want some sort of homemade breakfast in bed. 
I want my breakfast made by expert corporations. 
And most importantly, 
I want Adam to experience taking both kids out of the house to retrieve it. 
And yes, I'm OCD enough to spell out the ginseing part.)

"Bonus: stop at Dunkin' Donuts for a few donuts.
Double bonus: if one of those donuts is brownie-filled and one is sour cream."

(Have you ever had a brownie-filled donut??? 
It's decadent. 
And a million calories. 
Also sour cream donuts are the bomb, 
though not great at DD, but we don't have a good local shop.) 

"Breakfast as a family. 
I'll nurse Oliver to first nap then go for an hour-long run." 

(Acknowledgment: The hour-long run will in no one compensate for the bagels/donuts I've eaten.) 

"Head to my parents for lunch. 
You drive so I can partake in sangria.

(the last part is critical. 
I'm bringing the sangria and trying this recipe.) 

"Come back and put kids down for very late nap. 
Dinner TBD. 
Possibly Elevation burger. 
Maybe something else. 
Mood dependent."

Adam's reply: 
"I might need this written down on a post-it, please." 
Cue eye roll. 


  1. 10 years into marriage and I still somehow think subtle works, or worse, not telling Brian what I want and just hoping he knows me well enough to figure it out... expectations that are sure not to be met!! So I hope Adam knows how thankful he should be for these careful instructions :)

  2. Sounds perfect. Brent gets me and his mom (who I LOVE) a gift card to a spa here (Lake Austin Spa which is always on the top lists of best spas IN THE WORLD) and we go together and spend the whole day. It is magical.