Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Exhausted Ramblings

I was going to post my last SAHM Post
revisiting my SAHM Fears
But decided not to on account of: 

1) I'm just repeating most of what I said in earlier posts 

2) I'm just plain sick of talking about being a SAHM. 

I assume you are sick of hearing about it. 
But then again you are back reading this blog post, 
so you maybe you aren't unless you are just reading to be polite. 

Truthfully, I'm kind of burned out right now. 
I am one of those people who likes to plan 
and get out of the house 
and do fun things, 
and I've been over-booking
 and over-committing us. 
We've been burning out on summer and it's ONLY JUNE. 

Saturday's Fun: massive waterslide at a friend's house. 

Just tonight, there was a mass hysteria meltdown by both Oliver and Aaron. 
Crying over basically nothing except excess sun exposure 
and overtiredness. 
Oliver is teething and has a cold, 
so he's pretty much wiped out. 
Aaron got sunburnt at the pool yesterday 
because we tried our first day sans rashguard 
and I guess his pasty white chest/back just wasn't ready for the sun, 
so matter how many times I applied the sunscreen. 

Good news is that I have a fast-growing aloe plant in my house, 
so I've been breaking pieces off to rub all over him, 
which he loves because its cool and tingly, 
and I love how stupidly crunchy organic it is. 
Oh god, I sound like one of those essential oil moms. 

Ok, back on topic... 
Feeling burnt out. 

I hadn't been to yoga in almost 2 months thanks to Adam's child-lifting ban 
from him carpal & cubital tunnel surgery.
I finally went back on Thursday for the Hot Power 6-7am class 

Then Saturday I went for a run on a wet, rocky, vertical 7.5-mile trail run 
in Valley Forge National Park. 
In hot humid weather. 
I even got light-headed which tells you how crazy it was. 

And THEN, to top it all off... 
I punched myself in the mouth with a toy. 
Yes, you read that correctly. 
We were at this place called The Little Pod 
(think a nicer Chuck-E-Cheese)...

Little Pod

...And I was trying to pry apart a stuck toy and 

Now not only am I sore from yoga and running, 
but I have a busted lip like I lost a fight... 
... with myself. 

Meanwhile, I've even slacked on my social media monitoring. 
Generally that would be a good thing, 
a little less IG and facebook would do the world some good
but I have TWENTY-NINE blogposts to read 
and I don't even feel like opening bloglovin to start on them. 

So yeah, 
summer has been kicking my ass. 
And it's ALL MY FAULT. 
and under-estimating the power of the sun. 

I get this is a common complaint across all mothers in America. 
Or perhaps all mothers everywhere. 
I guess this means I'm just human, dammit. 
And here I like to pretend I'm modern day Wonder Woman, 
minus the perky boobs. 

Speaking of which, 
I found this meme and laughed way harder than I should. 

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I don't blame you for being burned out already! Sounds like all of you could use a break so hopefully one is in the future?? I'm having the opposite dilemma in that June is almost over and I feel like we're not going to have enough time to do all the summery things with the twins before the summer ends, even though we've already squeezed in a trip to the beach and multiple pools/splash pads. I guess it's always something!