Thursday, June 1, 2017

SAHM: 1 Year Later

June 16th is the one-year anniversary of Stay-At-Home-Mom-hood. 
(Or, if you prefer, "SAHM-hood")
June 16th is the day I gave my notice to my company, 
and officially embarked on this new "path." 

(And no, SAHM is not a "career." 
Stop that nonesense.) 

I'm going to dedicate this month to a series of posts about SAHM-hood. 
I'll talk about some of the questions I get asked 
and revisit my goals and fears. 

But first I just want to talk in general. 

And let me start off by saying:

I absolutely totally love being a Stay-at-home-Mom. 

In fact, sometimes I think I'm just too lucky. 
When Adam groans and moans about his job at Big Law Firm World, 
I feel bad about how easy my life is compared to his. 
Sometimes it feels like I'm living in a permanent vacation world, mooching off his money. 
This is not true, obviously, but it sometimes feels like it. 

Afternoon beer while the kids play in the water? 
Um, yes please.
All my life, I thought being a Stay-at-home-mom was hard. 
My mom made it seem like such a big sacrifice. 
And maybe, perhaps, if I had a job that I loved and lived for, 
that would be true. 
But none of my jobs were like that. 
I was always great at my job 
and I enjoyed the satisfaction of a job well done. 
But overall, no, I never loved my job. 

But truthfully, being a SAHM is NOT hard. 

You know when you meet someone and have to sum up your job in a sentence? 
"I work in finance. I track the cost of making helicopters." 
"I work as an auditor. I audit books for major manufacturing companies." 
"I'm a SAHM. I keep the kids alive and fed." 

Now, of course, there are days the kids drive me batshit crazy. 
So we go somewhere. 
We run off energy at the mall. 
Or we go for a walk. 
Or sometimes, when the Great Void takes its toll on our sanity, 
we pop in a Disney movie and chill the f**k out. 

If I had to sum up exactly why I love being a SAHM. 
I try to explain this: 

Being a SAHM gives me the enormous amount of time to do the things I WANT TO DO

I WANT to cook an interesting healthy dinner for my family every night. 

I WANT to pack healthy lunches for my kids. 

I WANT to go for a run at least 3 times a week. 

I WANT to manage the finances. 

I WANT to read books. 

I WANT to have an immaculate house. 

I WANT to hang out with Adam after putting the kids to bed. 

And most of all, 

I want to do all this while still getting 8 SOLID HOURS of sleep every night. 

And I just can not do it all while working. 
I blogged before about how Adam and I split responsibilities, 
and the short of it is that we don't split responsibilities. 
I do it. 
And I'm ok with that. 

Being a Working Mom would mean that I'd have to pick and choose those WANTs above. 
I'd have to get up earlier to run, thus shortening my sleep. 
I'd trade spending time with Adam for making meals. 
Or after Adam went to bed, I'd stay up late reading instead of getting 8 hours of sleep 
(which, to be fair, sometimes happens by accident anyway)

Some people can do all of those things with a 40 hour a week job + commuting. 
But I can't. 
And I'm ok with that. 

So when people ask if I like being a SAHM. 
The answer is a resounding YES. 
Because being a SAHM affords me the luxury of doing all the things I want to do.

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  1. I'm so glad (and jealous) the transition has been a good one for you- it's clear you are where you're meant to be!