Tuesday, June 20, 2017

SAHM: Goals Revisited

Another post in my SAHM Monthly Theme. 
So far I've written about: 
My general thoughts
Common questions
and the Money aspect. 

Now I'm revisiting one of my first ever SAHM posts: 
 SAHM Goals.

1. Stay busy
Grade: A
Yes, I keep busy. 
Very busy. 
In fact, sometimes I find myself on the brink of being annoyed 
that I didn't check everything off my to do list today... 
And then I have to remind myself that I DON'T HAVE A JOB 
and seriously, how much more time could I have? 

When the kids are up, 
we're always going to an activity,
 or the park,
 or the zoo,
 or the library.

When the kids are asleep or at preschool, 
I am either cooking,
 picking up the house, 
or enjoying ME time in the form of reading, blogging, etc. 

2. Stay social
Grade: B-
I admit I don't have the thriving SAHM community I pictured in my head. 
I saw myself getting together with a gaggle (yes, a gaggle) of other SAHM 
for playdates and library storytime and zoo visits. 

I tried SAHM dating briefly, but it was just too much effort with not enough reward.
I have one SAHM friend close by that I can run over for an hour or so in the afternoon. 
But other than that, the vast majority of my friends are still Working Moms 
and I'm ok with that. 
I text Adam all day long. 
I get together with my MIL every Thursday. 
When I did my time study
I noted my social hours are low overall, 
and while that is something to work on, 
I also think it's a byproduct of my stage of life right now. 

Weekly walk with my MIL and our niece

3. Spend time on ME

3a. Exercise
Grade: A+ 

I am significantly better at exercising as a SAHM than as a Working Mom. 
I run 3x a week: two 3-mile runs and one longer 6+ mile run. 
I also do yoga some mornings. 
I've trained for a 15k and a 10 mile. 
I even matched my pre-children running speed this year at the Broad Street Run. 
I'm very pleased! 

(It was really 10.0 miles but, y'know, apps are never perfect)

3b. Eat healthy
Grade: A+

I still struggle shedding that postpartum weight 
but the nutrition content of my eating has improved dramatically. 
Now, when I'm hitting that afternoon-hunger-attack, 
instead of grabbing Doritos at the vending machine, 
I can grab a Good Culture cottage cheese from the fridge. 
Sometimes I WANT to cheat on something terrible, 
but it's a lot harder to do so when there's nothing in the house to cheat with. 

(Wrote a little about how we eat here and here)

3c. Reading
Grade: B

I'm definitely reading much more than I was as a Working Mom. 
But my goal of reading daily is not met, 
not by a long shot. 
I pictured myself spending 30 minutes every day curled up with a book, 
but the reality is that other priorities get in the way. 
See above: busy

4. Limit Aaron's TV time. 
Grade: A

I've done an excellent job of this. 
He watches less TV with me than he ever did with Adam, 
and is probably on-par with his TV watching during daycare days. 
He watches one 30-minute show (usually Paw Patrol) in the morning, 
and then one 30-minute show (usually Daniel Tiger) with Oliver in the afternoon while I'm getting dinner ready. 
Occasionally, I do pull the Emergency Card and pop in a Disney movie. 
But as long as it's limited to once a week, 
I feel like I can pat myself on the back here. 

5. Spend a little bit of time teaching Aaron. 
Grade: D- 

LOL, what? 
Did I picture myself setting up a little homeschooling center? 

Aaron has gotten very good at scissor skills, 
thanks to the setup of his "Material Management" (Art Center) 
which we set up in our new house at the suggestion of my cousin. 
It is, by far, the most used "toy" in our house. 
Adam and I comment on a weekly basis how glad we are to have it setup. 
Hannah, if you are reading this, THANK YOU. 

Now, while I haven't spent time teaching Aaron anything, 
I have obviously spent much more one-on-one time with him, 
specifically with reading. 
At least one day a week, we spend Oliver's whole morning naptime reading. 
Aaron loves it. 
I love it. 
It's great. 
Additionally, I up'ed our bedtime reading from one to five books. 
Now that I'm not rushing to cook, clean, and do laundry in the evenings, 
I don't mind spending 20 minutes reading all sorts of books with him. 

And that's a wrap! 
Those were my SAHM Goals. 


  1. Looks like you've stuck with most of your goals, so yay you! I'm impressed both with your commitment to reading to Aaron so much and with his willingness to sit still for long periods of time to listen! We usually do 2-3 books/night for the twins before bed, but half the time they are bouncing off the walls and we have to stop and threaten not to finish the book 800 times in between. Fun times!

  2. I have read that 'teaching' kids doesn't really do anything in the preschool years. And that reading is the most important thing. So I would say you deserve an A+ there too!