Thursday, July 6, 2017

3 Things

A Post about Three Things 
(stolen from Allena)

Three Things I Would Never Give Up


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Three Favorite Vegetables
- Grilled corn on the cob slathered in butter and showered in salt 
- Roasted Sweet Potato Fries with Remoulade 
- Zucchini

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Three Shows I've Watched Faithfully To The End
- Gilmore Girls 
- Breaking Bad
- How I  Met Your Mother 
(HIMYM: WORST ending in history of TV. 
Refuse to even watch reruns after show ended. 
Still am mad years later)

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Three Places I Want To Visit Inside The US
- Alaska 
- The Grand Canyon 
- San Francisco 

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Three Places I Want To Visit Outside The US
- Japan 
- Egypt
- Southern Italy

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Three Things I Always Have With Me
- iPhone 
- Wallet
- S'Well water bottle 

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Three Things That Are Always In My Car
- Reusable Shopping Bags (including two insulated cooler bags) 
- Umbrella stroller 
- Boba Baby Carrier

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Three Most Recent Calls Were To/From
- Adam 
- Adam
- Adam 
(No joke)

[tried to find an Adam meme and spent 10 minutes laughing but found nothing appropriate]

Three Most Often Used Makeup Products

- SmashBox Color Correcting Primer 
- Clinique Foundation 
- Bobbi Brown Bronzer 

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Three Things That Make Me Laugh
- funny shit kids say 
- sexiest jokes (on both sexes)
- The Money Pit

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Three Things That Make Me Cry
- Subaru commercials 
- Ambulance sirens 
- A Walk To Remember 

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And yes, I had waaayyyyy too much fun googling these memes


  1. Ha ha I love all the memes! I'll have to do this post some time soon. I always love learning these random details about people!

  2. These posts are so much fun (hence why I do them every time I see one). I haven't traveled ANYWHERE so it amazes me that I've been to 2 of your 3 U.S. destination wishes - Alaska and San Francisco. Brent's cousin has worked on the north slope of Alaska for 15 years (he's a petroleum engineer) and the first 3 years he lived in Anchorage (now he lives in Houston and flies back and forth every 2 weeks and works a rig schedule), so we visited him right before I started working at Deloitte. I went to San Francisco for a work training and Trent came along since I was still exclusively nursing. My parents came too as his babysitters! :)

  3. I love these kinds of posts too! I will do this at some point but I will have trouble with some of the answers. Ha!

    The memes are awesome :)