Monday, July 24, 2017

4 oz of mountain dew and 8 hours without children

4 oz of Mountain Dew 
8 hours without children 
Insane productivity 

On Sunday, Adam dropped the boys off at my parents' house 
then went to play a round of golf. 
This gave me 8 hours of total home alone quiet time. 

To make sure I maximized this time, 
I allowed myself 4 oz of the Nectar of the Gods Mountain Dew. 
Thanks to my caffeine over-sensitivity, 
that 4 oz had me running around like I was on speed. 

And since I like to fantasize about my productive-ness during these rare days, 
I'm documenting my boring-to-you-but-fascinating-to-me activities of said day. 

List of things I accomplished

1. My Closet Reorganization 
Everything was taken out,
sorted, organized, moved around, and put back. 
I also applied leather care to my entire purse collection 
because... speed caffeine. 

And yes, I do keep a batman cave toy in my closet. 
It started out there as a holding place until moving to the basement play room, 
but instead it's been great fun for the boys to pull out and play with while I get ready for the day. 

2. Refrigerator & Freezer Clean-Out 
Down to scrubbing the cracks with a toothbrush to get every last crumb. 
(You see?  Caffeine = speed.) 
I scrubbed and soaped every square inch of that appliance. 
And now I open it just to see the shelves glisten. 

Do you see that shine???

3. Swept the Garage 
I even swept the walls and the window to clear out lingering spider webs. 
I had the garage door open at the time (although not for the picture)
and I'm positive every dog-walker in our neighborhood that I was batshit crazy 
(or perhaps thought I was just on drugs... which I sort of was). 

4. Sorted and Organized Toys in Aaron's Room
It was more like: "hey this piece belongs to the set downstairs." 
His room is usually pretty clean because it's not littered with toys, 
but those canvas storage items can collect a multitude of little things. 

5. General House Tasks & Pickup
This entails everything from making Adam and Aaron's lunches for tomorrow, 
watering the plants, 
meal planning for the week, 
taking out the trash to the curb for Monday pickup, 
and various other miscellaneous easier-to-do-without-kids-underfoot tasks. 

It was a great day. 
By the time the kids were home, 
I felt totally refreshed to tackle motherhood with fun and zeal. 
I also ended up reading to all hours of the night 
thanks to my incredibly slow metabolism and the remnants of caffeine. 
So today I will definitely be dead. 


  1. Ohhhh I am so jealous of this kid-free (and let's be honest, husband-free) productivity! Props to you (and to your Mountain Dew)!

  2. That's look like a great day! I did a lot on Saturday but had the kids home so it wasn't amazing. Over the weekend I changed out Paige's clothes from 3-6 months to 6-9 and organized her closet shelves and cleaned out the top of Drew's closet and also pulled out all the clothes she refuses to wear. I also cleaned out bad food from the fridge and did general house cleaning. It felt so great so I can imagine how awesome your day felt!

  3. I LOVE these kinds of posts!!! And I am also envious of your husband-free, kid-free time. When we cleaned out our fridge in May, I too would open the door just to see it sparkle, although I did not use a toothbrush :)

    I was not at all productive this past weekend thanks to the 24in48 readathon, unless you count reading 10 books in a weekend as productive?!?!?