Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A Random Collection of Things

A Random Collection of Things


Oliver loves reading.
He is starting to sit among his books like Aaron would and flip through them.
But now he does one thing more I find adorable.
He'll toddle into the room, holding a book.
It's always Sandra Boynton's "The Going to Bed Book." 
He'll say "Uhm! Uhm!" (more! more!) until we stop whatever we are doing,
sit on the floor,
and read it to him.
It's my favorite.


The pharmacy filled my prescription wrong.
I didn't notice it until I opened my new birth control pack and realized it was a different type.
I checked the prescription and the outside of the pack,
and they were both correct,
but the inside meds were wrong.
I took it back to the pharmacy and they were like:
"Oh, sorry about that.  Here's the correct pill pack."
And even though I recognize that they were very similar birth control,
the fact that the pharmacist was so flippant about it made me worried.
Shouldn't you be checking to see who filled the prescription?
Shouldn't you file some paperwork documenting this?
Like where are the Quality Controls around this?!?!?!?!?!


Last night at the dinner table,
Aaron casually announced:

"A long time ago,
I chopped off Monkey's hands when I was chopping peppers for dinner. 
They were blue hands. 
I took him to the hospital and the doctor sewed on brown hands."

Are we raising a serial killer?


We watched Girl on the Train last night.
I never read the book but I did read the spoiler so I knew what was coming.
It was a psychologically intense movie 
and I was doing ok and all until the whole baby-in-the-bathtub thing 
(did I spoil it for you?  GOOD) 
and then I just lost my mind. 
Pregnant Chicken should add it to her
"Movies Pregnant Woman and New Parents Should Never Watch" list. 
So clearly I have turned into a total wuss about movies / tv shows. 
If there's anywhere a baby or young child dies, 
I just can't handle it. 
Like haunts-me-for-days can't handle it. 


I'm really struggling with Oliver at 14 months old.
He's so so so so high maintenance.
He moves fast and is super curious.
He knows what he wants yet can't communicate it.
He is constantly wanting to be held on my hip,
but at ~27 lbs, doing so is just exhausting.
I can't get anything done around him,
which for my highly-productive-self is annoying.
I can gate him off in the playroom where he'll be out of trouble,
but then he stands at the gate screaming like I've abandoned him.
(Which yes, I can deal with for a little bit, but not long)

I took Aaron to the zoo with a friend on Saturday,
and left Oliver home with Adam.
It. Was. So. Nice.
I cannot even convey how nice it was.
It was like a mini vacation.
Just having Aaron was like a dream come true.
It was so easy, so relaxing, and so enjoyable.

I'm trying hard not to wish away this stage Oliver is in.
But truthfully I am. 

On one hand, I don't remember Aaron being this much trouble.
On the other hand, I remember around now thinking:
"No way am I ready for a second baby"
so perhaps he did display this kind of behavior,
and I just forgot.
That's what motherhood is, I guess.
Forgetting stuff.


  1. Add Slumdog Millionaire to the list of movies not to watch while pregnant. I couldn't handle it and left after about half an hour :(

  2. Several thoughts: 1) I used to work at a pharmacy. Someone always checked the prescriptions after they were filled but mistakes definitely got made by the filler (which I was filling them) that got caught, but it slips through sometimes unfortunately. HOWEVER, I agree about the flippancy of the pharmacist. Our pharmacists would be so apologetic and upset. 2) Yes, on Gone Girl and the baby in the bathtub. So upsetting. And I know you're pointing a finger at me for Cancel the Wedding, ha. But I agree with the point you are making - I have a HARD time since becoming a mother dealing with babies dying or bad things happening. I can't watch much true crime (which I used to eat up), Law & Order: SVU is still my favorite show but some of the episodes get to me, ugh. 3) Yes, on 14 months! 12-18 months is SO TOUGH because of what you said - they can't talk yet are fast and know what they want! I also say they don't know what can hurt them, so they are fearless. BAD COMBINATION. I can't believe he weighs 27 pounds! Drew (who yes is 5% in weight) only weighs 31 pounds at 4.5, ha! (And was 9 pounds at birth!)

  3. Also, I just read Irena's Children which is a biography of Irena Sendler who helped save 2,500 Jewish children in Warsaw, Poland during WW2. Talk about hard to read post-baby. BUT the real stuff I can't stop because to know it truly happened to some mothers and I can't even read about it seems wrong. But yeah, some TOUGH stuff is described in there! (Why do I love WW2 stories set in Europe with females as the protagonist???)

  4. I have had experiences like that with the pharmacy before that have left me somewhat skeptical of the accuracy and quality control! I mean I realize everything is subject to human error, but it's scary. Also, the twins tell a lot of stories that end with "and then they died", etc., so I have mini-serial killers, too, if that helps :)

    I watched Girl on the Train a couple of months back and ditto on the baby dying in the bathtub- the movie was good but the whole thing stressed me out!

    And lastly, I definitely remember 12-18 months being a challenging phase at our house! I think it was just that they were newly mobile, newly opinionated, and didn't follow much instruction, so a lot of chaos ensued. As you well know, this too, shall pass :)