Wednesday, August 9, 2017

House Tour - Part 2 of 3

House Tour. 
Part 1: First Floor
Part 2: Second Floor! 

Aaron's Room

We were a little worried about the bright colors, 
but turns out it's our favorite color choice in the house. 
We love how vibrant his room is!


Another big transformation. 
This room had shag carpet (like most of the house), 
but also these GIANT built-in cabinets that reduced the room to a fraction of usable space. 


Guest Room / Office

Not much to say here. 
It's a big functional room that I have yet to decorate even a little. 

My favorite part of this room is that it has a great walk-in closet, 
which is currently our dedicated space for wrapping supplies, 
travel supplies, board games, 
and that coat tree that I can't decide if I want to use or not. 

Since I'm so short, I opted to keep a step ladder on the wall up here, 
for when I need to access the top shelf. 
Being 5'3" is kind of a pain sometimes. 

Hall Bath

We "half" transformed this room.
Adam and his Dad spent hours on the wall paper, plaster, and paint 
(the experience taught us to hire our contractor for the 1/2 bath downstairs). 
Other than the walls and vanity (a cheap $100 from Home Depot),
 everything else is the same. 

I'd like to expand this bathroom to a two-sink vanity, 
upgrade the mirror, 
replace the tub (the finish is chipping), 
and update the hideous floors. 
However, the $$$$ is just not worth it 
because it's only going to be destroyed as the "boys' bathroom" anyway. 

I tell Adam that when the boys move out, 
we are majorly renovating this bath. 
I know it's far away, but after suffering through the teenage boy years, 
it will be quite overdue! 

WTF with that wallpaper and that floor pattern contrast???
 Also that vanity with the random cutout... LOL. 
Our realtor informed us "this funky vanity was up 'upgrade' in the 1960s!"

Master Bedroom

Our bedroom is huge and we haven't figured out how to utilize the space. 
One thing you'll notice is no TV
You'll be shocked to know that my tv-loving-husband was the one 
who established the bedroom as a "no tv zone." 

When we "officially" moved in together after the wedding, 
he had just setup the tv on our dresser when he turned to me and said, 
"You know, studies show couples sleep better 
when they don't have a tv in their bedroom." 
I was totally speechless. 
I was simultaneously SHOCKED and THRILLED 
(you know I hate TV). 
We threw out the tv that day and never looked back. 
Best. Decision. Ever. 

Master Bath

Just... LOL. 

When we renovate the kitchen, 
we will simultaneously renovate the master bath, 
which sits on top of the kitchen and thus works as a perfect 2-in-1 renovation. 

Random Vanity Area

"Say hi, Oliver!"

This space = SO DATED. 
This awkward sitting area is a waste and I barely use it. 
When we renovate the master bath, I plan to gut this stupid area 
and somehow incorporate into the bath or closet area. 

My Closet

Love this space, 
and love this picture of Oliver and my niece playing in it. 

Adam's Closet

Also love this space. 
Adam does not share my OCD obsession
and tends to leave his clothes, shoes, pocket change, stuff all over. 
In our tiny townhome, this was a major source of contention. 
Here, I just gather it up, 
chuck it in his closet, 
and shut the door. 
It doesn't bother me, 
it doesn't bother him. 
Marriage argument: solved! 

The funny thing is, when we first moved in a year ago, 
his closet floor looked like a mountain of crap. 
Over the past year, he's taken ownership of the space 
and now keeps it relatively neat (by his standards). 
It's quite surprising actually! 

Next up: Basement


  1. Okay, you could have told me that those were Sharpie marker flowers in your master bath and I would have believed it. That is the weirdest wallpaper EVER.

    And it's nice to know you have a guestroom! :)

  2. The bathroom wallpaper choices are pretty great, as is the "funky vanity"- though it's not visually appealing, at least it's a neat little time warp you get to experience??

    Also, interesting note for us: we have a decent-sized tv in our room but we never watch it! If we are too tired to start parenting first thing in the morning on a weekend, we may turn it on while the twins take over our bed, but that's about it. What I do think would be helpful is if we made our room a phone-free zone, but that is not likely to happen!

  3. I love the hardwoods! I like ours but they are a little too uniform for me - I wish the texture was a little more noticeable or more variety in the color? I love the color in the guest room randomly. We have a TV in our bedroom but Brent watches it the most. I go through spurts of reading (what I'm in now) where I hardly watch any TV - right now I only watch Game of Thrones and Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team, ha!